The Best Compliment Marilyn Horowitz Author of The Book of Zev Has Ever Received

Book_of_Zev_cover_10-1-14[1] The best compliment a writer can receive is often not from the public arena, but rather when someone in your intimate circle genuinely likes what you have written. How can you know when it’s genuine? It’s the palpable feeling of relief expressed in his or her voice.

So far, the best compliment I have received on The Book of Zev is from my brother, who put off reading it until after the advanced review copy was released. He had promised to read it, but somehow a month passed. I pressed him, and again he agreed. Then he delayed again, citing his workload as an excuse. Then he broke his glasses. Then there was a leak in the shower. I finally had a mini-meltdown, and he agreed to read the book immediately.

A week went by, and I hadn’t heard from him. Finally, at midnight on the eighth day, I got a text from him saying, “I am halfway through and I can’t put it down.” The next morning I got another text: “You really wrote a good book.”

“Thanks,” I replied, and was very relieved that he’d liked it. He is a lot like our late father, and I felt that my brother’s approval was somehow an affirmation that somewhere in the Great Beyond, my father was somehow reading the book and giving his approval as well.

My brother called me and congratulated me. When I went to see him in the suburbs of Connecticut, a cold bottle of champagne was waiting for me, and there he stood beaming. After a hug and a toast, he said, “Dad would be proud.” (267 words)

Can a New York City cab driver and a beautiful private chef prevent a fanatical Middle Eastern dignitary from blowing up the United Nations and launching a nuclear attack on Israel in less time than it took God to create the world?

“Sometimes a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do. A Sharp psychological thriller of high intellect about a woman making some hard choices for the right reasons to stop an international catastrophe.”

–Omar Tyree, New York Times Bestselling author of The Traveler: Welcome to Dubai

The Book of Zev Synopsis

The Book of Zev is a psychological thriller that tells the story of two gentle people who change the course of history. Zev Bronfman, a strapping 32-year old-virgin, angry atheist, refugee from a religious Jewish life, and former engineer for the U.S. Patent Office in Alexandria, Virginia, drives a cab and sleeps around in New York City. After a bitter divorce, Sarah Hirshbaum, a beautiful, redheaded, depressed, God-hating kosher chef, seesaws between yoga and too much red wine. Independently, the two consult the same psychic who inadvertently sends Sarah Zev’s session tape. When Sarah contacts Zev to pick up the recording, a series of events forces them to connect with a powerful terrorist in order to thwart his plans to destroy the UN and Israel.

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About the Book

Paperback: 298 pages

Publisher: Koehler Books (December 1, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1940192781

ISBN-13: 978-1940192789

Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches

MarilynHorowitzBoZpic-small[1]About Marilyn Horowitz

Marilyn Ida Horowitz is a producer, writing coach, and award-winning professor of screenwriting at New York University. From her books on her trademarked writing system—now standard reading at NYU—to her appearances at Screenwriters World and The Great American Screenwriting Conference & PitchFest, Marilyn has guided the careers of literally hundreds of writers. She is currently featured in the Now Write! Screenwriting Anthology (Tarcher/Penguin) and in the upcoming The Expert Success Solution (Morgan James). Her production credits include And Then Came Love (2007), starring Vanessa Williams.

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Since I am really busy today you are only getting reblogs…

But how Lovely is this particular blog post by Sue Vincent!!!!

Soooo cute! And I definitely know how this goes!

Originally posted on Daily Echo:

anigarden 020

The fence has blown down with the wind and the rain
And with a small dog that’s disaster,
A cat lives next door
And between them, it’s war,
As we wait to see who can run faster.

The cat likes to sit on the roof of the shed
While the dog views this as an intrusion,
It’s all fur and teeth
As the dog growls beneath
And the birds flutter round in confusion.

Now it’s all very well when there’s distance between
And the pair, by a fence separated,
But take it away
And there’s hell to pay
As the cease-fire zone is negated.

I blocked up the hole in the fence best I could
But the small dog can wriggle right through it;
And chases the cat
At the drop of a hat
And if caught, I’ve a feeling she’d chew it.

So I shored it all up so…

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Flash Fiction: Cat Dog Dialogue

Originally posted on Versus Blurb:

“You’re not helping them, you know.”

“What do you mean?”

“Giving them all that attention, all that affection. How do you expect they cope when they go off into the world and you’re not by their side?”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Of course you don’t.”

“You actually believe leaving them on their own and acting cold is helpful?

“It prepares them for what awaits.”

“You can’t pretend they don’t need companionship.”

“I don’t.”

“Then why are you talking to me?”

“I am merely trying to help.”

“You are helping: yourself. You need attention just as much as they do – you just can’t admit it.”

“Don’t be absurd. Look, this isn’t about me – I am concerned for our housekeeper. I see him come in every evening looking depressed and you brighten him up to an unsustainable level before he leaves again and the vicious cycle repeats.”

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Have A Cupcake, FREE!!! Meghan Ciana Doidge’s Dowser Series Book #1 Free Today!


Cupcakes _2nd book cover If you haven’t read Megan’s wonder Dowser Series yet, well, why not?! The first of the series is free today and if you don’t have it, pick it up. I have no doubt you will become an instant fan!

Here is my review from when the Dowser Series was first published. Have a read, then grab the book – you won’t be sorry!

Meghan, Meghan, Meghan! I am expecting cupcake stocks to sail through the roof, and a run on cupcake ingredients at local markets just from reading this book. Whee!!!

OK, listen to this . . . Bliss in a Cup – peanut butter-iced fudge cake (did I say fudge cake? OMG wait a sec, I have to go get a towel . . . whew, there)  Now, where was I? Oh, yes. Sex in a Cup – chocolate butter icing with a wallop of cinnamon and cocoa in the batter. Or, this particular favorite of mine, Buzz in a Cup – mocha fudge cake with mocha butter icing . . . oh, yes, I could go on, but I might swoon from pure overload. . .

Jade is a sweetheart. A nice young half witch, half human (maybe. . . ) with a nasty tempered foster sister, a wild earth witch grandmother, and a cupcake bakery. A very popular cupcake bakery with a reputation for ‘magical’ tasting cupcakes. She has a quiet life, happy with her baking, her trinket making and her quiet, apparently fulfilling life.

Then, of course, things change. And not in a nice way. Poor Jade. Life will never be the same. Apparently she isn’t who she thought she was. But then, who is she?

Cupcakes, hot werewolves, cupcakes, mystery, oh, did I mention cupcakes? Yummy, luscious, delicious, chocolate, fudge. . . Oh. My. Goddess. The hardest thing about reading the book? First, I am dying for cupcakes now. And second? Hurry! Hurry! Write the next one, Meghan! Please!

Highly recommended.


Meghan Ciana Doidge is an award-winning writer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She has a penchant for bloody love stories, superheroes, and the supernatural. She also has a thing for chocolate, potatoes, and sock yarn.

Novels – After The Virus, Spirit Binder, Time Walker, Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic – Dowser #1, Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic – Dowser #2, Treasures, Demons, and Other Black Magic – Dowser #3

Novellas/Shorts – Love Lies Bleeding and The Graveyard Kiss

WARNING: author has been known to manipulate characters with chocolate, sex, and fantastical plotting. Readers beware



Twitter, @mcdoidge

Facebook, Meghan Ciana Doidge


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Audible Daily Deal: Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor


Everything That Rises Must Converge | [Flannery O’Connor]
Regular Price:  $17.61
Daily Deal Price: $3.95 or one credit
Ends 10/23/2014 @ 11:59PM ET
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Whispersync for Voice-ready
4.10 (258 ratings)

Publisher’s Summary

This collection of nine short stories by Flannery O’Connor was published posthumously in 1965. The flawed characters of each story are fully revealed in apocalyptic moments of conflict and violence that are presented with comic detachment.

The title story is a tragicomedy about social pride, racial bigotry, generational conflict, false liberalism, and filial dependence. The protagonist, Julian Chestny, is hypocritically disdainful of his mother’s prejudices, but his smug selfishness is replaced with childish fear when she suffers a fatal stroke after being struck by a black woman she has insulted out of oblivious ignorance rather than malice.

Similarly, “The Comforts of Home” is about an intellectual son with an Oedipus complex. Driven by the voice of his dead father, the son accidentally kills his sentimental mother in an attempt to murder a harlot.

The other stories are “A View of the Woods”, “Parker’s Back”, “The Enduring Chill”, “Greenleaf”, “The Lame Shall Enter First”, “Revelation”, and “Judgment Day”.

Flannery O’Connor was working on Everything That Rises Must Converge at the time of her death. This collection is an exquisite legacy from a genius of the American short story, in which she scrutinizes territory familiar to her readers: race, faith, and morality. The stories encompass the comic and the tragic, the beautiful and the grotesque; each carries her highly individual stamp and could have been written by no one else.

©1956 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965; renewed 1993 by the Estate of Mary Flannery O’Connor (P)2010 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

What the Critics Say

“The current volume of posthumous stories is the work of a master, a writer’s writer—but a reader’s too—an incomparable craftsman who wrote, let it be said, some of the finest stories in our language.” (Newsweek)

“All in all they comprise the best collection of shorter fiction to have been published in America during the past twenty years.” (Book Week)

“When I read Flannery O’Connor, I do not think of Hemingway, or Katherine Anne Porter, or Sartre, but rather of someone like Sophocles. What more can you say for a writer? I write her name with honor, for all the truth and all the craft with which she shows man’s fall and his dishonor.” (Thomas Merton)

Guest Post: Life in the First Draft: The Writing of The Magic of Friendship by Subhasha Kommuru

Magic of Friendship cover_cropAbout the Book

BABBAR is a fierce and mean tiger who cannot tolerate anyone, but he is lonely and sad. HASMUKH is a funny donkey but gets scared of everyone. When the Magic of friendship touches them see how it transforms not only their characters but also transforms the whole environment around them.
The Magic of friendship is a hilarious, action packed entertaining story. There are scary moments, celebration and comical moments. While the core focus of the story is about friendship it has elements of Father son bonding and family values as well.

Our book gives plenty of opportunity for parents to entertain kids with their own version of animal noises. And bright and interactive illustrations is sure to leave a shine in your children’s eyes!

This is a story about change — a transformation that comes with the magic of friendship. Personality may not change, but nature can surely change. This story will show the value of friendship and how that can change a person, particularly, one who is lonely and never really had the gift of laughter.

A flock of migrating geese stumble upon Tadoba, the land of the fierce tiger Babbar who does not tolerate anyone in his area. Will Babbar show any mercy? Can he change? Will the geese make it to safety?

bnbuyTitle of Book: The Magic of Friendship  amazonBig
ISBN: 9-7-80-99031781-4
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Publisher: Kommuru Books
Publication Date: September 2014
Pages: 40

Guest Post

Life in the First Draft – In one word writing ‘The Magic of Friendship’ was cool! Right from get go this story I knew it deep inside is going to be a hit. One afternoon my son went to sleep and I haven’t written a story for him for a long time. He has been asking for a new story for a while by then. So during afternoon I sat back and all I had in my mind was a tiger and a donkey as characters. I focused on these two animals and was thinking they are so much opposite but what can they possibly teach other. What can happen when you bring them in front of each other? Well in real life you obviously know what would happen  but when you think of such opposite figures and what can they do for a meaningful story it is amazing read.
When writing the story I did not have ‘magic’ in mind in fact there is no magician in the book. Magic is true to this book not only on how it came together in the form that it is and also its about how two characters change each other’s lives without actually changing themselves. When you think of it, it’s a learning lesson not just for kids but for everyone. You need not change you can be exactly opposite of the other and yet see a transformation.

Core of the story never really changed after that afternoon when I first wrote ‘The Magic of Friendship’. But before it took shape of a book, I added quite a few characters which play supporting role in this book. Initially the book was just focused on Babbar the tiger and Hasmukh the donkey and story was in first person tone. But then I introduced the geese as assisting characters and changed tone of the story to be one of third person. And these assisting characters actually did more than just filling gaps in story they actually move story in a different pace, they are curtain opener and also close the story and they actually bring family values and a multi-generational relationship on focus.

I totally loved writing this book and I guarantee that anyone reading ‘The Magic of friendship’, old or young, men or women, boy or girl, will love it and will be entertained throughout.

KommurusAbout Sujata & Subhash Kommuru

Subhash and Sujata hail from India. They migrated to the United States along with their memories of childhood and youth. Now that they are parents, just like every immigrant they crave to introduce their child to the culture and values of their upbringing. Yet it is challenging to teach something while you are in the midst of adjusting to a different culture yourself. Subhash and Sujata both work in different disciplines and have different styles and backgrounds, but it is the upbringing of their son that brings them on the same page. That exact place where they meet is captured and reflected in their stories, where Subhash can express in words, and Sujata can illustrate them beautifully. Where he puts it in black and white, she adds color to it. You get the idea! These stories are their attempt to share a glimpse of their childhood days with their son. He is their inspiration to write short stories that have meaning to them and provide teaching in some shape or form.

Our Goal

Our goal is to introduce kids to Indian culture one story at a time and along the way have some fun. While stories are primarily written in Hindi they are tastefully being narrated in English as well, while maintaining the essence and moral.

Our Promise

Our promise is to always write sensible story with some moral to them.
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What are you currently reading?

15757259I am finishing the edit on Terriiitory by Susan A. Bliler today! If you haven’t read her work before, and you like beautifully written Urban Fantasy, I can’t recommend her work highly enough. Check out Territory and Territory: Prequel by clicking the book names or the photos, and watch for Terriiitory, coming soon!!!!






What did you recently finish reading?

target cover

The Final Target by Marcel Trigueiro. This cyber thriller will also be out soon! I just finished the edit, and we are in negotiations with book tour companies to run a full book tour and giveaway!  There will be an English Language cover, not to fret, LOL.

What do you think you’ll read next?

The Buried is the next on my R4R list. I first found Shelley Coriell when her publisher asked me to read and review The Broken. brokenIt was an exceptional book, and I am sure The Buried will be as well!

So. What are YOU reading now?


Welcome to Community Purls 2014-2015!

Originally posted on Community Purls 2014-2015:

Community Purls is a local knitting program of Knitting4Peace, delivering warmth close to home.

Take a stitch and give the gift of warmth and hope to the neediest members of our community. Thousands of women, men, and children need our help to stay warm as summer temperatures drop to winter’s icy chill. Last year, we provided 3500 specifically requested items. This year, we hope to provide even more warmth, healing, and hope.

With your help, we know we can do this!

How can I help?
Knit, crochet or weave as many specified items as you can.

What specific items are needed?
The items requested for this year include: warm socks, mittens/gloves, shawls, adult sized caps, Peace Pals, and baby blankets. For simple and fast patterns, please click the word “Patterns” at the top of this page or click here to visit our main Patterns Page.

Where do I deliver my completed…

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