I received my download of Charlaine Harris’ last Sookie Stackhouse book, “Dead Ever After” from Audible.com. I just started listening to it and so far, I am not impressed. Even Johanna Parker seems bored and she is one of the very best narrators out there.

deadeverafterI try not to look at reviews before I read a book, as I don’t want to influence my own opinion. However, as I was looking at another book this afternoon, I came across this review by Kathryn, a favorite reviewer of mine from Bossier City, Louisiana. In part; “I honestly don’t believe Charlaine Harris wrote this book. I suspect she either supervised a ghost writer who needed a firmer editing hand, or she did write it and it’s just an early draft that she either didn’t care to improve or couldn’t because of other commitments.”

Well, it is her 13th, and final, book of the series. There has been a lot of negative commentary about her last couple of books and maybe that has something to do with her just giving up? Some reviewers can be absolutely vicious in their “reviews” and some apparently don’t have even the faintest concept of what makes an author a good writer. I remember one reviewer who was going on and on about how Charlaine wrote about “extraneous characters” i.e., the story lines containing anything other than Sookie and whomever she happens to be sleeping with at the time. Uh, does that mean authors should write books with only two characters in them?

Oh my GOD! Can we talk about something OTHER than who happens to be sleeping with WHOM??? Sigh. I will go there later.

Finishing up a couple of R4R books today, then I am going to sit down with my knitting and start listening. Will let you know what I decide later!