gravestoneWhat it DOES smell like it Charlaine Harris giving her readers of the last 10-years, those who have made her rich, a great big steaming pile of dog crap and calling it the wrap-up of a series I have been calling a friend for all these years.

Rather than a review, I will point you to the exceptional one-star (can we PLEASE have negative stars????) reviews at and other places, and instead, copy you on the e-mail I sent to

“I put Charlaine Harris’ “Dead Ever After” on my preorder list, and was happy to receive it on the publication date. I have no problem with Audible. I have been a loyal customer for years. I have never asked for a credit back. Until now.

Harris purposely wrote a horrible ending to our 10-year journey with her character. She apparently did it to insult her loyal readers who have made her a very rich woman. I may have to suffer the indignity of an author insulting me, but I DON’T intend to give her yet more of my hard-earned money so that she can make money from doing it.

Please see the Amazon reviews for proof of Harris’ betrayal and the reasons behind it.

Again, I may have paid for some bad books during my years with Audible. That is on me, and I won’t quibble over the credit. But I am hereby officially asking for my credit back for Dead Ever After and for the book to be removed from my library on your site. I have removed it from my Audible Manager. Since my cancer, books are my only real treat for myself. The insult I feel by Harris’ actions is deeply painful. “

Enough said. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little – better get the Listerine. And the aspirin. Then I am going to go find a much loved book, draw a hot bath and settle in with a bottle of Pinot Noir and about five pounds of chocolate and try to get past the trauma.