Hollow Eyes: Salt Lake After Dark (Volume 2) by J. K. Walker

Hollow Eyes

Yet another great read! 4.5 stars

As if it isn’t bad enough that orphan Jasmine Bedeau, struggling student, suddenly discovers she is different from everyone else. No, now she’s “The Troubleshooter” for the local supernatural council. Oy. Zombies and werewolves and monsters, oh, my . . .

The second of the “Salt Lake After Dark” series, “Hollow Eyes” continues the exceptional story line begun by J.K. Walker with “Glacial Eyes”. In GE, Walker introduced us to what should have been ‘just another Urban Fantasy supernatural girl’ who turned out to be much more than a stereotype. With the overabundance of young, hip supernatural girl characters on the Urban Fantasy scene, Walker introduced us to a character I just couldn’t help liking.

In GE, Jazz found out that she is way different than the other college kids out there. Now, she is The Troubleshooter, and trouble is definitely coming her way. And with bodies piling up, strange critters sneaking around, and a monster-sized werebear hard on her heels, well, “Why can’t anything be easy?” I asked, staring at the cloudy, gray sky. “I don’t get paid enough for this shit. Hell, you really should get paid something before spouting clichés.”

I absolutely loved this second book in the series. Walker continues a level of creativity I find greatly enticing, most clearly shown in her development of a ghoul culture that is unlike anything I have read before. The book is gruesome in places, but gruesome in the most wonderful Urban Fantasy tradition. Jazz is kick-butt, but she is still realistic as a young woman having to adjust to her whole life being turned upside down and dumped into a world she never knew existed. And who can’t love a girl who can fix her own car engine? Sexy, right? 

The story line is clear and well developed, the world building is even and realistic. In a world where DNA analysis is now everyday, keeping a supernatural community secret is a lot harder than it used to be. And Jazz has her hands full making sure that it keeps its secrets. I can hardly wait to read “Sanguine Eyes,” coming out soon!