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I have never red a book by Peter Cawdron before, however, the cover of his book, “Monsters” drew me in immediately. It came through on one of the many “bargain e-book e-mails” that I receive. I don’t remember which one. Maybe Bookgorilla or Book Shout?  Whatever the case, the cover was immediately eye-catching and encouraged me to click the link.

Once to Amazon I read the short blurb and thought “This sounds cool”. And for 99 cents, it could scratch my “dystopia without vampires” itch. I adore science based novels, especially if the author goes about it in the right way. I have read about 13% of it so far, and so far? Righteous!

Will let you know if the book keeps up with the expectations set in the first couple of chapters.







Monsters was dedicated to the National Year of Reading in Australia and is available as a paperback and an ebook