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Interview with a Gargoyle – Jennifer Colgan – Loved It!

I have loved Gargoyles since childhood. Some are funny, some are grotesque, but to me, all were fascinating. I would stare into their faces, searching for the soul within, often driving myself to tears as I peered into what I thought were tortured souls, reaching out for some touch of kindness, some brush of understanding. I felt, in all my own pain, a deep and abiding kinship with them that I feel even to this day.

It is rare to find a book about a gargoyle. There are a couple I can think of, and whenever I find them I snap them up and immerse myself. Interview with a Gargoyle caught my eye on a cruise through GoodReads and I snatched it up. I am very glad I did.

Gargoyle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jennifer has written a wonderful book about the cost of brutality and superstition, punishment and revenge, and the slow awakening of forgiveness. Filled with witches and demons, as well as a very well written gargoyle character, Jennifer captured my attention from the first and never let it go. The only thing that really upset me about the book? It ended!  The end seemed to promise a second book, which I truly hope will happen. This one just came out at the end of 2012, so I have hope that a new one will be forthcoming.

As this was my first book by Ms. Colgan, I was interested to see what else she has written. I was surprised to find that she writes in a wide variety of genres, from paranormal to historical romance. I have already purchased Married to the MIB. Who can resist? The Men in Black have always tickled my interest, and this one looks like a great little short (125 page) story.

\I was surprised to find that Jennifer has very few reviews on Amazon. I am going to have to do what I can to fix that – starting by telling you all that you really should check out Interview with a Gargoyle. It was a very, very pleasant way to spend a few hours of my insomniac life!

Highly recommended.