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Quantum Evolution and Nazi insanity – Five Stars

This is a re-post of  a review I did on Amazon some time ago. I thought it deserved another post here. Rollins is an amazing author. If you like high level adventure with a scientific twist, you can’t go wrong.


Rollins always keeps me awake at night – – – for a couple of different reasons. I am a sucker for Rollins’ kind of books. Rollins, (older) Cussler, Preston/Child. They all are based on blistering speed, energy, and thrills. Twists and turns of science and excitement that keep me up at night, and well into the next morning. So much for sleep!

Rollins’ Sigma series is one of my favorites of the genre. Sigma Force is designed as, in it’s own description, “scientists with guns.” And I do love me some scientists – and scientists with guns? AWESOME! Rollins work is based on real science – in this case, quantum science and the horrors of Nazi experimentation. While not all of the ‘science” is “real” in this time and place (at this point – who knows for the future? Or in some alternate universe? Hey, see recent developments in the fields of multiverse theory and eternal inflation!)Rollins lays his novels on a base of solid, tested science. From that base he builds his story, intertwining fiction with nonfiction in a manner that has me note taking and bookmarking in my Nook, then spending hours later on searching the internet, checking what is real, and what is, well, ‘not yet real?”

This Sigma Force novel begins, oddly enough, with the auction of five extremely rare books at an auction house in Denmark – books that range from an original treatise of Neils Bohr, to the family bible of Charles Darwin. From there, it builds to an unknown psychotic illness in a Tibetan monastery, with a seemingly unrelated storyline taking place in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. In a flurry of guns, bombs, kidnappings, murder, helicopter, snowmobile and foot chases, evil Nazis and not-so-evil ‘used to be’ Nazis, we dash, following chapter headings counting off the minutes and hours to an ultimate outcome entwining science, madness, history, and horror in a manner Rollins, as usual, pulls off brilliantly. All in all, “Black Order” led to quite a few bookmarks, a few more ‘wish list’ entries at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and several hours researching quantum theory and the horrors of Nazi ‘science’.

Nazi studies into quantum consciousness and evolution were developed by the Nazis as a knee-jerk reaction against scientists such as Newton and Einstein, who were seen as Jewish (while Newton was believed to be Jewish, he actually wasn’t) scientists, and therefore their ideas were without value. Not being a Quantum Physicist myself, I had to really pull out the yellow highlighter and spend some serious time on real science websites to check things out. (You don’t have to be as obsessive as I am to enjoy the book – that’s just me!) What I found kept me locked into my chair all one Saturday and Sunday, researching the theories, the people involved, and becoming more and more fascinated by the concept. Oh, if only I were young again! Once you hit my age it is nigh on impossible to start over as a student, but if I did? Well, I may never be able to sit in a chair at Oxford, studying the nature of the quantum self, zero point energy, quantum evolution and perceptions of consciousness, but hey, I can certainly read – and Rollins, along with books by modern scientists like Lockwood, Penrose, Chalmers and Eccles, as well as the works of pioneers such as Lotka, the theories of Schroedinger and Heisenberg will keep me well entertained for ages. Well, when I am not re-reading Rollins for the thrills and chills!

I didn’t even much mind Rollins’ toe-dip into the concept of ‘intelligent design’ as Rollins’ take on same is one of observation rather than any theory of some penultimate ‘god’ figure watching over all. If there is a ‘god’ it is certainly a scientist, starting an experiment, then sitting back and watching to see what happens, cold, aloof, and totally scientific in its outlook. Rollins’ intelligent design, instead, is based upon electron wave-particle interactions and the studies that prove that direct observation actually switches electron interactions from particles to waves.
(See Richard Feynman’s “The Character of Physical Law” and others.)

All in all, if you like a screamingly fast pace, concepts that will keep you thinking and learning, and a roller coaster of excitement, you can’t go wrong with Rollins!

Research topics to consider:

Zero Point Energy, quantum evolution, evolutionary biology and the rapid emergence of higher taxonomic groups (my references were Simpson, G.G., “Tempo and Mode in Evolution” 1944, and “Quantum Evolution” McFaddeen, Johnjoe, 2000), quantum consciousness, wave-particle duality, Die Glocke, Xerum 525, Himmler and the Thule Society, Nazi occultism, the Lebensborn Project, Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game reserve