I have been spending the last couple of days flat on my back, fighting off a virus that made breathing an Olympic sport. Chemo saved my life, but it left me susceptible to every germ that blows in the breeze. Ugh. I am sitting up now, catching up on mail on my laptop (Shh, don’t tell my house mate. She said I was to stay down another 24, but I have stuff to do!)

I read the Huffington Post and nearly fell out of bed. I don’t know why. I know what the Republican Party considers good politics – the politics of the RICH. However, the sheer spite and viciousness of their newest plan had me rushing to put my head in the toilet.

Food Stamp Cuts Would Deny Benefits To At Least 4 Million: CBPP

“House Republican leaders haven’t formally released the language of their plan, but the information they have made available makes clear that the proposal will be very harsh, denying SNAP to at least four million to six million low-income people, including some of the nation’s poorest adults, as well as many low-income children, seniors, and families that work for low wages,” the CBPP’s Dottie Rosenbaum, Stacy Dean, and Robert Greenstein said in a report published Monday.”

There are already approximately ONE MILLION CHILDREN GOING HUNGRY in this country.

Let me say that again.

There are already approximately ONE MILLION CHILDREN GOING HUNGRY in this country. Republicans want to raise that number to between FOUR AND SIX MILLION. The report of the 2013 World Hunger Organization Report is here:

Hunger in America: 2013 United States Hunger and Poverty Facts

And this report doesn’t take into account the new Republican plan to throw even more Americans into even deeper poverty.

The Republican Party would throw all of these Americans into even more desperate poverty, all while rolling around in their piles and piles of ill-gotten gains. (Check out Silver Justice by Russell Blake if you aren’t into statistical analysis of the most recent Wall Street Crash. He writes beautifully and covers the theft of America exceptionally well. Now I have to go write the review I notice I never wrote. Nah, more sleep and fluids first.)

So, I am hoping all of you will stand with me to make our rage at the tactics of the Republican Party obvious. Two-thirds of the wealthiest people in the U.S. added to their fortunes this year, boosting their average net worth by $400 million to a record $4.2 billion. And yet, MILLIONS OF EVERYDAY AMERICANS are living below poverty level, due to jobs being sent overseas and to the shenanigans on Wall Street. While the top 500 wealthy people in the US hold America’s future in their pockets, too many starve.

Are we simply going to sit and watch? Write your Congressperson, your Senator, you local Republican running for office. Write the Huffington Post and your local paper.Let’s do our best to help stop hunger in America. Heck. While we are at it, let’s write our favorite companies and ask why all of our call-center jobs are now outsourced. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford fancy clothes if you work in a call center. And you can feed your family!