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There are some really strange laws in this country of ours. Did you know that, in the state of Montana, it is illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone?  And it is illegal for a man and a woman to have sex in any other position other than missionary style? I don’t know which of those laws disturbs me more.

Then there is the Montana “Marriage by Proxy” law. There are even companies whose sole purpose is to arrange these proxy marriages. Hum? A ‘proxy marriage’? Yep! If you and your sweetie are military personnel stationed overseas, one or both of you can have a ‘stand-in’ for your wedding.

In Katy’s new book, “By Proxy” this odd little law leads to a funny, touching and lovely little tale set in beautiful Montana, on the edge of Yellowstone National Park.  Kristian is posted in Afghanastan, while his fiancée Ingrid is posted in Germany. A weekend leave leaves Ingrid ‘in the family way’, a condition that has both families up in arms, and makes a quick wedding rather imperative.  Bring on Jenny, Ingrid’s best friend, and Sam, Kristian’s cousin, and let the fireworks begin!

I truly enjoyed this sweet little book. Jenny is a lovely young schoolteacher, a small town girl with three big brothers and a heart as big as the state she lives in. Sam however, is a hard drinking, hard partying city-boy. And when a storm, a plow and a missing judge bring on a weekend with Sam stuck in the tiny town of Gardiner, what happens is a truly funny and touching story.

This is a light, fun read that I truly enjoyed.

I was asked by the author to review this book. This in no way affects my review of this or any other book in the series. Opinions are my own.