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August 2013

Panda Bear Baby Meets Mom

This, to me, is a perfect example of how wrong people are who think our four-legged-friends don’t have souls.


Do you ever have days when you just want to say “Screw It” and crawl back in bed?  Well, that was me on Wednesday.

It started out good.

Think positive
Art courtesy of

I woke up at a fairly “normal” hour (for me – my sleeping habits are a whole other conversation . . .) and I was pretty chipper, looking forward to getting a lot of work done. So far, so good. I make English Breakfast tea and sit down at the laptop to call the software company I got my new toy from.

“New Toy?” Ah, thanks for asking. Yes, I decided to take a friend’s suggestion and splurg on some software that is supposed to help me find grammatical errors. It also is supposed to have a pretty kickin’ translation program, and I am doing some foreign language work, so that sounded good too.

I downloaded the software for a trial on Monday, and worked with it a bit. Thirty-day money back guarantee, what can go wrong?

Sigh.what have i done

By Wednesday, I was tearing my hair out. See, I only got the software because I am an anal nut job. Yep, that’s me. If I am going to do the work, I am going to do it RIGHT, and that means I drive myself mad looking for every single comma that might be out of place. I like doing it all myself, but I have found a few mistakes on a second pass that I missed in the first, so, backup, right? Do all the work, then run this fancy-schmancy software to make sure there are no extraneous periods, no ‘there’ instead of ‘their’.

Well, first, the software isn’t perfect, which makes me grin. Neither am I, and the silly thing seems to make different errors than I make, so that works.

Only, it doesn’t. I go through the first six chapters of the book I am working on, found a few small things that could be done a bit differently (‘big’ can be replaced here with ‘large’ so the word ‘big’ isn’t used twice in two consecutive sentences; there is a missing end-quote there, that sort of thing.)


I go through the first six chapters, save my changes, and (drumroll please)

The whole section I just corrected is either totally screwed up, or simply missing all together!!!

Let’s all say it together:       I. Flipped. Out.

Photo courtesy of

Of course, tech is not available (see previous statement regarding insomnia – it was something like 3am)

OK. Don’t panic. Send copy of screenshots to techs for next day. Check.

Find something else to do. Check.

Think. Think. Think. Yes, I could R4R, but I have energy! Work! Yea! Hey, the house has to get cleaned at some point, right? Right? Sure!

Office. I can clean the office upstairs and move my desktop from the basement office. Cool. (Vacuum vacuum vacuum. Dust dust dust. Sparkly!) Oh, my goodness! Will you LOOK at that filthy carpet? (Drags out Bissell) Cool, I have carpet cleaning solution! Grab the spray deep cleaner stuff (what is it with all this “Oxy” stuff anyway? Does the carpet have to do drugs to get clean? Can I have some of these drugs?)

Anyway, I get the tap water hot, add cleaner, and switch on machine. Switch off machine. Switch on machine. Motor noise, but no ‘vroom vroom’ of brushes turning. Crap.

Pull out the tool box, flip the thing over, and there are about a million screws, and I am sitting on spray deep cleaner stuff wet carpet while I find all the stupid things and take them out so I can pull the busted belt and go to the hardware store.


Stupid. Plastic. CRAP! The arm that holds the belts breaks off in my hand……..GRRR~! Now HOW is THAT going to get fixed?!?! Oh, and the belts? They are all there, grinning at me, all in one piece. “Nyah Nyah!!! It’s the part that MAKES THE BELTS SPIN that isn’t working – the wheels on the bus definitely aren’t going round and round. ears. .

So by now, I am hot, dirty, tired, and getting really . .  really. . . frustrated. OK, I have all the furniture drug out of the room and into the hall (how did I EVER get that purple chair in that room without taking off the door in the first place? And Why, again, did I think it was a good idea to block the doors to Both bathrooms??? Sigh.) so I decide this calls for a beer. (Pad Pad Pad, off to the kitchen to pull a beer out of the fridge.

Vroom vroom – – HONK! Oh, good. The UPS dude is here and he has my new microwave! (No, I am not a cook. No way, no how. If it can’t be done in the microwave or in my one pot on the stove top, I am out of luck. And the stove was broken last month. Figures) I set the beer down and start to trot out to the truck where UPS dude is pulling out this big box (grunt grunt. What is this thing made of, lead?) Oops. Go back and grab t-shirt. It isn’t like there is anything to see after a double mastectomy except for a scar across my chest, and hey, the scar is nice and flat, but still, I don’t want to scare the poor guy, right? OK, t-shirt on, out the door as he is pulling it out the door of the truck.

Whoa. Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute! That picture doesn’t look right! Nope. Wrong one. THAT isn’t going to FIT! OK, now I just want to cry. Send that stupid thing back. I knew, just KNEW that so-called “customer service” person on the phone had no comprehension of the English language.screaming_baby . .

 Back in the house. Now, where did I put my beer again? Oh, man, what is that SMELL? Oh, it’s me. I stink. Sweaty, hot, dirty, and now I stink?!?!

 Let’s see. So far I have to pull up six chapters of backup original copy and rebuild my work. My computer with the 7 Home Premium (that should work with the software but it is now on the laptop with the stinkin’ Vista on it, the Vista that won’t work with the software but nobody told me that. . . ) is still in the basement in pieces. The furniture from the upstairs office is in the hall blocking the bathrooms (have I said that by now I really have to pee?) I can’t find my beer. I had to send my microwave back. The carpet in the office is wet and soapy and the only place that can fix the machine is in Evergreen, and I can’t get there until next week. I am hot and tired and dirty and stinky and I want a shower and clean clothes and food and I still have to pee.bang-head-here

So. How was your day?

Entangled Proceeds 100% to Breast Cancer Research Through August!!!

bcrf logo
Click the link to visit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
and learn about their incredible work in the fight against
Breast Cancer!

I am still working away on editing, so I am not going to be able to post much today. I do want to let you know that 100% of proceeds for sales of Entangled, a Paranormal Anthology, still go to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation THROUGH THE END OF AUGUST! There is still time to buy the book for such an incredible cause. Besides, the book itself is incredible, so you can’t lose! And just think – Christmas in July – you can buy the book for those ‘hard-to-buy-for’ friends and family members (and NOT so hard to buy for also!) and feel good about your purchase!
Click the link above to read my review on Amazon and, if you would, please click the “This Review Was Helpful” button, and then comment on your purchase? It will help me draw attention to the book and the good work the BCRF is doing! Remember, at $2.99, it costs less than a single Starbucks Latte, and it does a whole lot more good for your body and your soul!

Review: Entangled-An Anthology to Benefit Breast Cancer Research

Entangled: An Anthology To Benefit
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Sometimes it amazes me.

Your purchase helps fund Breast Cancer Research.
Please click the cover to purchase!!!!!

With all that is bad with this world, that some people can be so generous, giving and kind. That is what happened here, as this wonderful group of authors gave generously of their time to write this group of amazing shorts, especially to benefit the Beast Cancer Research Foundation.

As a survivor myself of advanced Stage III breast cancer, I cannot tell you what a great help the Foundation was to me, and to others like me. My heartfelt thanks to all these women who gave a part of their hearts in these stories!

Proceeds from this wonderful paranormal, contemporary anthology, Entangled, are being donated to the Foundation in full. Please, purchase a copy. It costs less than a cup of Starbucks Latte, and these stories will nourish your soul. Thank you!

Halloween Frost
A Mythos Academy short story
Jennifer Estep

Gypsy girl Gwen Frost has the gift of psychometry – the ability to collect images from things she touches. Pretty cool, if a little nosy at times. Hey, she is a teenager, what should we expect?

In this short story, Gwen and her friend Daphne, a Valkyrie, are primping out for Halloween when we first meet them. Well, at least Daphne is. Gwen? Well, not so much.

I haven’t read any of Gwen’s young adult tales previously, though I have heard nothing but good from authors I know and admire. Set at Mythos Academy, the stories revolve around a teenage girl and her friends, learning magic, how to fight and how to serve their ancient Warrior Ancestors. Having not read Jennnifer’s work before I would say that the overall feel is very ‘Percy Jackson’ though, from this short reading, I would say that should I read the first of the series, First Frost I believe I would like Gwen and her friends quite a bit more than I liked Percy.  One thing that does bother me about the story? Gwen apparently keeps getting her ashes pulled out of the fire by a “Big Strong Drool Worthy Spartan” – bummer. Girls rock, let’s see her Kick some butt, not get hers saved!!!! On top of that, Why is it the BOY teenage wizard characters get all the attention in the media?! No fair. I liked Gwen’s personality better than Harry’s too – shh… don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to be lynched! LOL

Cute story that gives you enough of a taste of the mythology and background to capture your interest and place Gwen and friends on your reading list if it isn’t already there.

Note: Jennifer Estep’s grandmother is a breast cancer survivor and this story was written to honor her strength and spirit, as well as that of other survivors.

The Fat Cat
Edie Ramer

Another writer I haven’t previously read, Edie Ramer’s story, The Fat Cat was a perfect introduction to her writing. Funny, quirky and highly readable, Edie’s story is a happily-ever-after fairey tale with a healthy dollop of excitement to round it out.

Nikki just lost her loser boyfriend (thank goodness) and has decided that the perfect companion is no longer a man, but a cat. A young, healthy, female cat. After the loser boyfriend, she fully intends for her apartment to be a ‘penis-free’ zone! What she gets and where it goes from there is a fun romp of a tale with a surprise twist of an ending that left me uplifted and laughing. I believe it will leave you similarly touched.

Note: Edie is herself a breast cancer survivor. Though fairly young and doing all the right things for her health, Edie’s story is like many others who suffer this horrible disease. It strikes out of nowhere, destroying lives, families and souls.

Medium Rare
Nancy Haddock

I have had the satisfaction of visiting with Nancy Haddock on Good Reads, and it has been a great pleasure. She is the person who originally introduced me to Entangled: A Paranormal Anthology when we talked about my own breast cancer, books, genres, writing and other ideas. She is a lovely person, inside and out.

Colleen Cotton worked her fanny off to get her degree and start her psychotherapy practice. However, finding clients was harder than she thought. Well, until she discovered a knack for ghosts. And then? Everything changed. Now, if it goes bump in the night (or the day, for that matter) Colleen can interact with it. And usually sooth it. Trouble is, once the ghost is gone, the client no longer needs her. Bummer.

In this short by Nancy, the ghosts are restless – not on behalf of others, as in a haunting, but rather on behalf of themselves. If the ghosts themselves are frightened, there must be something particularly nasty on the wind. And someone particularly handsome, and particularly slanderously rude stuck in her living room wing-back.

Now, besides the ghosts themselves having the heebie-jeebies, the legend of St. Augustine (a breast cancer and lymphoma survivor herself) has more trouble with her House Ghost Zavier who is spazing out in a most irritating manner. What is happening is a fascinating story, and brought me a great deal of pleasure. Mostly because Colleen is so likeable and her Da is a hoot. Will without a doubt add Nancy’s work to my read-list!

Note: Nancy lost her beloved grandmother to the ravages of breast cancer, as did far too many of her friends and family members. She begs that all women, young and old, do breast self-exams and have yearly mammograms, as well as living a healthy lifestyle.

Sweet Demon
Misty Evans

What a cool thing to be – a Vengeance Demon! That is what Kali Sweet is, and her main goal in her existence is to protect humans. Oh, she can protect us from our own dumbass selves, but she can certainly try to save them from supernaturals. And working for the Bridge Council, the supernatural version of the Justice Department, lets her do just that.

Another author I hadn’t found before – how cool is that? This is the great thing about anthologies – you get to find all these wonderful authors you didn’t know about before you found their story amongst other little gems. And this one sparkled!

I adore it when stories and characters have a sense of humour, and Misty doesn’t disappoint. However, she weaves a deep layer of darkness through this story and has addicted me to her character. She will definitely be on my to-read list!

Note:  Misty managed a breast and cervical cancer-screening program for uninsured women. She also lost an aunt to breast cancer, and recently had a friend go through a double mastectomy.

Sian’s Solution
Dale Mayer

Vampires and humans are living in a fragile balance in this young adult short story by Dale Mayer, another author I was unfamiliar with. Geeze! You would think I never read! Sian is a vampire whom you first meet as she works desperately to free her lover, Taz, a human, from the clutches of a “Blood Farm” the humans know nothing about. A farm where humans are hung, like sides of meat, and kept for their blood. Her determination to save Taz, and her strength, endeared her to me.

Sian and Taz are minor characters in Dale’s Vampire in Denial series. If they are indicative of Dale’s characters, I look forward to finding time to read more of her work.

Note: Dale’s aunt and two friends are breast cancer survivors.

A Bit of Bite
Cynthia Eden

Crossroads, Mississippi. The home and stomping grounds of Sheriff Ava Dushaine, but not exactly the first place you would think of for paranormal activities to be the norm. Werewolves and vampires, oh what a set of critters to try to enforce law and order upon. Oy. Especially when it’s been only ten-years since the ‘coming out’ party for the goolies and goblies and things that go bump in the night. And the dead bodies that are currently showing up in Ava’s county. But who is to blame? The wolves? The vampires? Or something even more deadly?

Note: Cynthia speaks of friends who have struggled with breast cancer. Thank you, Cynthia, for your contribution to this anthology!

Sinfully Sweet
Michelle Miles

I love scones. My favorite is dark chocolate chunks with dried cranberry and walnuts. Yummers, yummers!! So, of course, with the first page of Michelle’s story including scones and cupcakes and tarts, (oh, my!) I was happy to settle in for this story.

Chloe O’Shea is a baker with a secret. She is a witch on the run, running from her previous coven. A coven filled with secrets. Secrets, and murder. Hiding in plain site amongst the humans as a baker and owner of Sugar Mamma’s Bakery, Chloe has been enjoying her new life. Well, until a sexy hunka-hunka burning man invades her bakery. And suddenly, Sugar Mamma’s is under siege, and Chloe’s new life is blown all to hell.

Note: Michelle has donated her story to this anthology to honour all those who have suffered from not only breast cancer, but cancer of all types.

A Night of Forever
Lori Brighton

Who was Aidan Callaghan? A seemingly simple question. With a rather complex answer . . .

I have to admit, I am not a fan of, what do you call it? Regency romance, I believe? This story is set in 1859 England, so whatever that means is what I mean! Surprisingly, however, I found this piece quite entertaining and pleasant. My feeling on these pieces is based on a despite for a society that saw and treated women as belongings. Women of the period were often little more than pretty baubles, with no power and no recourse from brutality or ill usage. I suppose that is why I have never cared for these period pieces – women as toys, easily left behind as broken bits, crushed under the male heel. This is a fate Mary Ellen is terrified of, and with good reason. Her background is one of crushing poverty, and she has no intention of returning there. When she meets Aidan, she sees only that falling for him could put her right back into that place, and it terrifies her. But Aiden is so utterly fascinating, so intriguing; she can’t help but wonder what his story might be. And his story is one she could never have imagined.

This is another lovely addition to the anthology. I may not read others of her works, but I found this quite pleasant overall. Should you be a lover of period pieces, this is highly recommended. Or even if you, as I, are not a lover of same, you may still find it as enjoyable as did I.

Note:  Lori lost not only an aunt, but also a grandmother and a grandfather to cancer. This story was contributed to honour their memories, and to provide hope for those who still suffer.

Feel The Magic
Liz Kreger

Liz’s story is one I truly got a kick out of. Jenna is a Practitioner (a fancy title for a recognized witch) who has a big job to do. A weird, quirky job, but an important one, not only to her but to all Practitioners. Did I mention the weird part? Politics, backstabbing and nasty people, oh, my! A cat, a witch and a pimp walk into a bar . . .

This is a lovely little story, unusual and quirky, funny and well worth the read.

Note:  Liz is a 15-year survivor!

Breaking Out
Michelle Diener

Guess what, Michelle? You did a kickin’ job with your very first Contemporary/ Paranormal short! A self-avowed historical fiction writer, Michelle has written a terrific short story full of action, close calls, and a heartrending take on military horrors. Each time I think the last story was the best I read in this anthology, each author seems to kick things up a notch, in a very good way.

Kelli has been imprisoned and tortured for three years, her small gift of telekinesis pushed beyond all limits, while ‘Dr. Greenway’ and the sadistic orderlies torture and abuse her and her gifts, twisting her mind and body. She is nearly beyond all hope, when a fluke occurs, and Kelli has a chance. What happens next is by turns exciting, heart wrenching, and disappointing – disappointing because I would happily buy a book based upon this short story and I am not sure that there are any plans for one!

Note: Michelle’s grandfather, mother-in-law and aunt died of cancer, and she states that any small part she can play in helping to find a cure for this disease is something she is proud to do.

Ghostly Justice (A Seven Deadly Sins Novella)
Allison Brennan

Detective Grant Nelson has had a bad month. A. Very. Bad. Month. Demons, black witches, supernatural war. And he had to cover it up. Besides the fact that his girlfriend was massacred in the mess. Now, he has another job to do, and some people he truly doesn’t like are the only ones who will be able to help him; that is, if anyone can help him at all. Did I mention that Detective Nelson has had a bad month?

This novella is partway through Allison’s Seven Deadly Sins series. Though it doesn’t fit ‘exactly’ into the concept of returning the Seven Deadly Sins Demons to Hell, it still does an excellent job of giving you a wonderful feel of the story behind the story, and introduces you to Moira and Rafe, kick-butt demon hunters, as they return a favour for the wounded Detective Nelson. The story is fast paced and truly interesting, with a solid story line and great character development. I had read the first of Allison’s series quite some time ago, but never got time to read the rest. After reading this novella? I believe my TBR list (which is groaning under the weight) may have to have a new addition.

Note: As Allison puts it; we all know someone, and sometimes more than one someone, who has been stricken by breast cancer. Thanks to Allsion, and all the other incredible authors who donated stories to this anthology, funding is just that much closer to helping find a cure.

Review: To Murder A Saint (Saints Mystery Series) by Nicole Loughan

to murder a saint
Good Reads site.

I picked up “To Murder A Saint” as a ‘freebie’  from one of my e-mails of “free and discount books” that I receive on a daily basis. I always appreciate these, as it often leads me to a new author I may not have otherwise discovered. Sometimes I am happy I found the particular book. Sometimes? Not so much.

In this case, what caught my eye was the cover. It is beautiful, as you can see. Well, that and the fact that the book was set in Louisiana, a total weakness for me. I can say that the potential is definitely there, hopefully to be fulfilled later. The author, Nicole Loughan, is a recognized journalist and syndicated humour columnist, which offers potential as a writer of fiction. In this first installment of her series, Nicole is writing about my home area, the bayous of southern Louisiana. She does a fairly good job of setting up the novel. My three-star review is based on several issues I had.

Nicole’s writing tries very hard to speak the language of the Bayou. However, with no experience with the area (she went to school in Michigan and lives in Philadelphia) her attempts at Cajun fall flat. She starts ‘Cajun-Speak’ but then falls back into ‘journalism-speak’ within two sentences. Cajun is an extremely unique language, a mixture of French, English, a bit of African and bits of Native American tribal languages (Choctaw, Quapaw, Caddo, etc.). It is also difficult for a northerner to comprehend the cadence and flow of southern speech patterns. Her precise use of language as a journalist makes it difficult, without doubt, to fall into the patois of the south, where ‘can not’ comes out ‘kaint’ and bonjour is much more common than hello, “How’s it going?” is
Comment ça va?” and the best response to that is “Ça va. Et vous-autres?” i.e., “It’s going OK. And ya’ll?” Or, in my case, “Ca va. Ah dah’tse?” i.e., “It’s good. How are you?” (A mix of Cajun with a soupcon of Quapaw.)

Overall, this reads as a first attempt at a novel, somewhat stilted and rough, but with good bones. I have put the next book on my to-read list to see if the roughness inherent in the first novel smooths out. I would have appreciated more development of the storyline. I felt it was somewhat choppy and not filled out well enough for my tastes. Again, that ‘journalist’ feeling – “Just the facts!” that was sort of off-putting for me, but others seemed to like in their reviews. In my opinion, if I am going to read a novel, I wish to fall into the book and be able to see it in my mind – the characters, the background, the world around the players. Humans are defined by their surroundings, and limiting those surroundings limits the movie that is developed in my mind. If I did not have such a strong connection with bayou country, it would have been very hard for me to feel any connection with the story or its characters.I will check out the second in the series when I get a moment and make a decision from there whether to leave the author on my ‘TBR’ list. I hope I can come back with a great review on that one!

I am neck deep in a huge editing/publishing project for a wonderful author (all very hush, hush right now, but just WAIT until the book comes out! It. Is. AWESOME!) So I won’t be writing much for a bit.

Back to the bottom of the jacket. Starting the top over again. If I would occasionally pay attention, I wouldn’t have so many UFO’s lying around!

Just a couple of updates. I messed up the Baby Albert and had to take out a lot of stitching. Sigh. That is what I get for getting so involved in my book I wasn’t paying attention to my stitches!) Now I am back to this. Oh, well. I like my new idea for laying out the colour blocks for the top better anyway!

Photo courtesy of Morgan at Morganised Chaos.

I was working away on the Jester Tea Cozy, but got to end of the ball of Noro Kureyon that I was working with (aren’t leftover bits-and-bobs wonderful?) and ran out of the 102 I had in my knitting basket.

I like the 274. It went into a purse I sold a year or so ago.
The 319 went into the same purse. It turned out beautifully and sold immediately. Need to make some more of those I guess. . .

I went looking through my “ends” box and couldn’t find my other 102 that I “know” I have somewhere, so I dug out what I do have. Hum… a bit of 274, several yards of 319. I also have nearly a whole skein of 185.

The 185. Ugg. WHAT was I thinking???
Well the purple and orange and rust bits
looked good – until I unwrapped it! UGG!

The problem is, I hated the 102. Still do. I should probably tear it apart and dye the pieces and re-spin it, or maybe just re-dye the whole wad of it, but I just have too much on my plate. Most of the Kureyon is beautiful, and the 102 I had purchased purposely for a purse that I was making. The thing is, when I started knitting with it, it turned out, (how can I say this nicely?) BORING. . . Noro does that sometimes. Mostly, their colour ranges are lovely, but sometimes, as with everyone I suppose, a particular colour goes flat. And 102?

Noro Kureyon 102. I actually hate this colour. Maybe if I over dye it?
Noro Kureyon 102. I actually hate this colour. Maybe if I over dye it?

Ugh. Here, take a look. I had thought the blues/peaches/lavenders/golds would make a good base colour for the Dream Coat that I fell in lust with from the book Dazzling Knits by Patricia Werner. I mean, Look at this coat! Stunning, isn’t it???

dazzling knits
The Dream Coat. Yep, it is a dream all right. . . a Dream I can’t seem to make come true!

I started it right before I started my cancer treatments, so it went into a drawer and got forgotten until just now. (Short attention span, anyone? Oooh! Shiny!)

Anyway, needless to say, I haven’t finished the coat. I do have several triangles made, and some of the stripes, but I had bought quite a bit of the 102 to balance things out, and instead it just washes everything out. So, this is what I have now . . . as well as some closeups.

The 102. It looks brighter and more cheerful in this photo . . .
The 102. It looks brighter and more cheerful in this photo . . .
It is actually dull as used dishwater
Leftovers. The 185 looks Much brighter in this pic than it really it. It. Is. DULL.
Leftovers. The 185 looks Much brighter in this pic than it really it. It. Is. DULL.
Gag me. The 102 is by the gray.
Gag me. The 102 is by the gray.
These two skeins are actually a LOT duller than they look in the photo.
This is what comes at taking photos in the kitchen at 3:30 in the morning.
Artificial light. Yuck.
You break the yarn into these little, teeny-tiny sections….
Sigh. A lost of my work got pulled apart and used for other things. This is what is left. The stuff I thought was salvageable!
I actually like this piece quite a bit.
I actually like this piece quite a bit.

Anyway! If it sounds like I am goofing off? Yep. Just got up an hour ago (it’s 3:34 AM – yes, I sleep weird hours!) but it is time to get to work now, so here I go . . here I go. . . Yep. I am moving. Getting up. . . really…………….


coconut coffee



Yawn. Coffee! Yeah! That’s what I need! I just got a bag of COCONUT Coffee! I have been trying for ages to find a good quality Coconut flavouring to add to my coffee when I brew my beans. Dunkin’ Donuts ROCKS!!!

OK cold leftover Chinese food (fried rice, shrimp and peppers and some kind of chicken thing) and now, I am ready to work!

The Prodigal
Read my review here.
Order the book from
Then go vote for The Prodigal

Michael Hurley’s astoundingly good novel, The Prodigal was chosen as a finalist along with four other novels by reviewers for the 2013 annual BookBundlz Book Club Pick contest. The finalists were announced on August 1.  This is an annual contest to select the best novel for thousands of book club members around the world.  The reviewers selected the finalists, but the winning book, to be named on September 1, will be determined solely by the greatest number of votes from the general public between now and August 31. People can sign up at the BookBundlz website to vote once per day and see where each of the five finalists stands in the running day by day.  Here’s where you go to vote:

As many of you know, I have used The Prodigal as a favoured book recommendation to my followers on GoodReads and have been happy to do so. I hope those of you who have received the recommendation have purchased the book and enjoyed it as much as I have.  If not, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Winning this contest means enormous exposure for the book and the author, which explains why Random House and other established publishers have 3 out of the 5 books in the finals. This is an AMAZING FEAT for a self-published author. michael hurley
Good Luck to Michael, and The Prodigal!!!!!!!

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