Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upholstery and Design
Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upholstery and Design

Amanda Brown

Storey Publishing

Pub Date: Oct 2 2013

I have a confession. I am a serial crafter. Ooohhh!!! Shiny! Wanna try THAT!  Hence my workroom full of quilt fabrics, stained glass and tools, wood and woodworking tools, boxes of yarns, rolls of upholstery fabrics.  . . Oh. Did I say upholstery fabrics? Oh, yea!

You see, I found this beautiful wingback chair. The fabric was in bad shape, but the form was so gorgeous, I had to have it. And then, I found out it was going to cost several hundred dollars to have it recovered. Well, no way was that happening! So, I checked out the library, checked out a couple of upholstery books, and went to work. The body of the chair is gorgeous . . . but the seat? Well, let’s just say, the chair is sitting there, beside the upholstery tools and the rolls of fabrics. Couldn’t figure out how to make it so that it looked smooth and professional.

Well, with Spruce I am going to be making a trip to the upholstery supplies store, because I know how to do it now! Amanda’s book is beautiful. Not just her work, the overall design and layout of the book. The photos are clear and beautifully done, and she even shows layouts of why she made the fabric choices she made for her style and room size and shape. From design plans and yardage estimations, tying coil springs and choosing the right padding to sewing knife edge pillows, Amanda covers it all, in a clear and precise manner, with lots of those beautiful photos. Of course, Chapter 19, Constructing a T-Cushion is going to be my first job I am going to take away from this lovely little book. After that? My recliner took a beating during my cancer treatments and the aftermath, and to say the seat is sad is quite an understatement…. I was only comfortable sitting against the left arm of the chair, so now the poor thing sags in that spot, leaving me sitting sideways when I sit in it. I am going to be thrilled to fix that and be able to use my recliner again!

Overall? If you have the faintest interest in upholstery, this is definitely a wonderful go-to book. Even if you want to start out just making some beautiful pillows, I highly, highly recommend that you add this book to your shelf. It is beautiful, helpful, and so well written that it is a true pleasure to read.

A highly recommended craft book!