deja vu
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Soul and spirit; mind and body. Of what do we exist? We know we are space dust, bits and particles of the origination of the universe. But what makes us “human” gives us consciousness, a sense of self? And does that consciousness remain, passing from generation to generation?  Déjà Vu does a beautiful job of exploring the idea that souls do, indeed, continue on. That spirits move through the generations, finding one another and losing one another again, a cycle of growth and learning.

Deanna Lewis has had some nasty occurrences in her life. The death of her parents threw her off, knocking her life off course. Now, Deanna has learned to live with her new life, changing and growing a new business as a party planner. Her focus is totally on her business, a workholic, but she longs to grow her life as well, to find and develop a relationship.

Josh Haber is another workaholic, focused on his music business, not really wanting to “waste time” on a relationship, but still lonely and wishing for more in his life.

What happens between Deanna and Josh explores the ideas of past lives and how the past informs the future, the possibilities of love and loss through the eons. The perceptions of hope, and growth.

I don’t really know what to think about the concept of past lives. I am not a believer, but then again, I am not really a non-believer either. Many years ago, I was part of a study, at CU Boulder, by a PhD candidate in Psychology. The study showed that, in my case, I was apparently a member of an Aboriginal tribe in New Zealand, long, long ago. Is it true? I have no idea, but I was reported as the only “100% match” in the study group, which is interesting in and of itself. Would I be interested in doing past-life regression? Yes, I think I would. Maybe. With the bad things that have happened in my life (this life?) maybe I was a rank-and-file warrior, or maybe a lead warrior, who did bad things to innocent people in that lifetime. Wouldn’t that be, in a way, a comfort? To know that you have the opportunity to make up for past mistakes, or to re-locate past friends, past loves, in a new life?

If these questions interest you even in the slightest, you should really read Déjà Vu. It isn’t perfect – Josh is a bit too much of a brat for my tastes, but then, he had a hard life in both this life and the last. So, yea, I am willing to cut him a bit more slack than some! Deanna has a friend, Faith, who is a wonderful secondary character. She is a Psychologist, a student of past life regression, and her take on Deanna and Josh’s situation, and the help she provides, is beautifully done.

Overall, this is an interesting, fun, and deeply thoughtful book. Recommended.


I was provided with a copy of this book by the author. All opinions of the book are my own opinion.