First off, I love cars. Well, certain cars. Give me anything from the 1930’s, especially the late 1930’s, and I am a total happy camper. I used to drive a 1929 Nash. I bought it from a guy who bought old movie vehicles. This one from “The Untouchables” if I remember correctly. Anyway . . .1929 nash

We have had car trouble lately. My 2005 Chrysler 300 is in perfect condition, new tires, new total workup after I got through with my cancer treatments and was ready to rejoin real life. Only, the County of Jefferson decided that, since my car had been up on blocks for two years in the garage, I was going to have to pay them $495 per year it was off the road to register it again. WHAT?!?! So, it is all dressed up with nowhere to go, because I am NOT paying them that much for storing the car in my garage!!!!!

2005-Chrysler-300-802072-1-sm Anyway, it is sitting there now, but Linda, (my housemate) was driving a Chrysler van, but it kept giving us problems, so we did a lot of research and bought a 2002 Audi A6. Hey, the money is tight around here . . . but it was supposed to be in good condition, so there ya go.

$13 THOUSAND DOLLARS?????!!!!!!!!

A few days ago, I was driving it to the library and back, and decided to get her an oil change and fill the tank. The nice lady down at the oil change place said “You have a leak, but it is probably no big deal, but I can’t get the hose.”

Sigh. OK, so I go to an Audi place in town. (Names withheld to protect the guilty.) I left it with them and got a ride home. No problem, right?

First, they tell me the car is worth $1000. OK, it is used, no big, as long as it gets up and down the hill. Then . . .

Drumroll please . . .

“Your bill is $13,090.


They tried to sell me: new radiator, new tires, new brakes, new hoses, transmission, new, new, new, new . . . . I can’t even remember what all they tried to sell me. What, they see me come in and see dollar signs or something?!

So, I trudge over there, pay them $280 to get the car out of hock, and take it up to Golden to a little place called Johnnies Auto Repair. SUCH nice people. If I had known they CAN work on Audi’s, I would have taken it there in the first place!!!

So, they gave it a full workup, then gave me a call. New hose, yep. MAN, those things are expensive! Upper radiator hose: $244 (Audi place wanted $350) Oil cooler hose: $245.86, right front axle $128 (there was a crack, so I said go ahead and change it out. And he showed me the crack). Total with labour? $1,282.63.

So. From now on, Johnnies before anything else! And the good old Audi dealership can go suck eggs. I get the feeling that the only reason Audi is popular is because of the name. They certainly don’t believe in customer service!!!

Do you have a “Car Horror Story” to share? Let me know! We can share horror stories!