The real, honest-to-goodness Bentley!
See the Badge Number 7 on his hip?
How cool is that?!

Agent Seven and The Returns are back in action!

I just got my copy for Beta Read of the second adventure of that awesome team, The Returns. I am only on page 30, and having an absolute blast.

If you will remember, I gave rave reviews to the first book of the series, “The Returns” and the second book is just as enjoyable so far. Bentley and his friends, Tucker the Golden Retriever, Pierre the West Highland White Terrier, and the totally awesome Bones, the toughest little Chihuahua around, have to find out who is stealing world-champion show dogs and help return them to their owners. This promises to be just as fast, fun and action filled as the first book, and well worth the read for anyone from a small child to anyone enjoying a fun read.

Aiden, the FBI agent who was Bentley’s partner before Bentley’s unfortunate early demise is back in action with the gang, as well as Faith, the boys Guardian Angel, and Miss Gitty, the gray tabby cat who is Faith’s mentor as a first-year Guardian Angel.

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Now, back to reading!