eyes of the many
You MUST read this stunning novel of intrigue.
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Dr. Frankenstein: I’ve been cursed for delving into the mysteries of life!

Dr. Pretorius: Sometimes I have wondered whether life wouldn’t be much more amusing if we were all devils, no nonsense about angels and being good. – The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Kelly Graham is one of those unusual authors – those who can make you think, while not even realizing it.

Eyes of the Many is in most ways an evocative thriller. The story of a man, a police officer in Los Angeles who, after losing his wife in an inexplicable accident, spirals into the wasteland of his mind, longing for answers, and for the wife he has lost.

Four years later, now an investigator for a private firm, Trayton Benett is a lost man. He has given up his friends, and lives from day-to-day, just paying the bills. And then, something remarkable happens. His wife isn’t back – but is she possibly still alive?

What follows is a thrilling book blending thriller, mystery and suspense with an undercurrent of science which will open your mind and leave you thinking deep into the night.

Bad Leiah wants to tell you all about it, and what I felt about the scientific bent to the story, but I don’t want to ruin it for you. Rather, I will simply encourage you, very strongly to read the book.

Highly Recommended!