Jenna Black just sent me a Tweet that I found so unutterably cool, I just had to share it with you. You can check out the first of her Faeriewalker Series here: Jenna Black (The Faeriewalker Series)

However, that isn’t what she Tweeted about. Instead, she gave us a story to fill the heart and touch the soul.

Genevieve Sanfelippo, “Grandma Gen” and Anne Catalane, director of leisure services at Milwaukee Catholic Home, pose with a copy of Sanfelippo’s book signing at the home earlier this year. The children’s book, “The Adventures of Peter Churchmouse,” tells the story of a mouse who lived in a pump organ in a church in Kewaskum. (Submitted photo by Danielle Sands)

96-year-old Genevieve Sanfelippo, better known as “Grandma Gen” has been a resident for 12 years at the Milwaukee Catholic Home. Grandma Gen was honored recently for publishing “The Adventures of Peter Churchmouse,” a story she created for a birthday celebration for her great grandchildren six years ago.

Now, how wonderful is that??? Here we all are, bemoaning the fact that we simply can’t find the time to do everything we wish to do, how there isn’t enough time. One has to think – shouldn’t we sit back, take a look at what we are doing with our lives, and then decide what is important to us, what makes us happy, and then do that?

Grandma Gen wrote her first book at 96. Now tell me . . . what will YOU be doing at 96?

Thanks to, the website of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Catholic Herald for the photo, and to Danielle Sands for the photo.”The Adventures of Peter Churchmouse” may be purchased by contacting the Milwaukee Catholic Home at
(414) 224-9700.

(Danielle, if you have a website, would you send it along to me so that I can give you fuller credit?)