All the Curran POV’s up to now in one easy to read place!

How is THIS for a beautiful cover???? Curran’s POV Collection includes all of the Point Of View stories written by Gordon to go along with the Kate Daniels series.

Don’t you always wonder what the other main character is thinking when the heroine is rushing around doing what she does? For me, the Curran stories are priceless, adding in Curran’s thoughts to what is happening as the Kate series goes along.

I receive Ilona and Gordon’s e-mails, so I have read all of the POV’s, but having them in a collection is great. And who can resist that AMAZING cover???

If you haven’t read the Kate Daniels series, well, DO SO! It is one of my favorite series of all times. Kate is strong, smart, and amazing. Highly, Highly Recommended!!!! And the Curran POV’s are that bit of lagniappe that makes the series even richer.