Yummy! Louisiana style hot pepper sauce from my friend M. K. Clinton!

Yummy yummy! M. K. sent me Louisiana Red Dot Hot Sauce from Louisiana! These sauces are vinegar based, and incredibly tasty! I tried the Roasted Pepper last night on my turkey breast and potatoes and it was marvelous. Tonight, I made a casserole and used the Chipotle. It was even tastier!

Besides sending the sauces, she also sent me a mix of boxed meals like Jambalaya and Dirty Rice (she knows my cooking skills are next to nil!) and also…

Drum roll please….

Beignet mix from Cafe du Monde!!!!


OK, it isn’t quite like eating beignets right there in the Cafe du Monde, but beggars can’t be choosers, right? I can nearly taste that wonderful beignet flavour right now….. I just have to get my housemate to make them, or they would wind up burned…..  😦

The real and authentic Cafe du Monde!