M. K. Clinton has entered the Move Your Mutt along with Bentley and Pierre. I need to do the same thing, if my Butt gets any bigger I am going to need my own zip code! So, here is a copy of today’s post from http://www.mkclinton.com to help you learn more about it and join!

Resolve to Move Your Mutt (and your BUTT!)

This is the big day Bentley and I declare our resolutions in the Move Your Mutt campaign.  It is an effort by petsmove.org to help band pet owners together supporting each other in keeping our resolutions to get off our butts and move our mutts.  I have filled out my registration and added Bentley’s current stats.  Pierre will be joining us but I am only keeping a diary for Bentley.  I will post both of their progress here so he won’t feel slighted.
I am not going to hold a sign but my resolutions to be a better pet parent are:
1.  Walk or exercise them each day for at least 30 minutes.
2.  No more junk food for us and no table food for them.  (Bentley already does not like this idea.)
3.  Use FURminator on Bentley every day.
Now, Bentley and Pierre’s resolutions:
 Pierre's pledge copyrighted
Bentley is excited to start his daily walking regiment, but he has serious doubts about pumping any iron.
 Bentley with weight copyright
Now, a little addition from Slimdoggy:
How to calculate necessary calories for your dogs!
This is a blog hop hosted by Slimdoggy and Keep the Tail Wagging.  Be sure to check out everyone’s resolutions, make some of your own, and join us.  Together, we can encourage one another to meet our goals.
 Resolve to move your mutt

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