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This is going to be a really weird post, but maybe it will get some conversation going. You see, I am sort of a geek. Well, a lot of a geek, really. I just finished reading Breath by Kristen Ashley which made me laugh hysterically at all the references to Battlestar Gallactia, Fringe, etc. Then I have been struck by one of my whacko insomnia binges (three days so far) and I also got called for jury duty (well, I got the notice, but they went to 5098 and I was 5172, so I didn’t have to go, but still). Now, I am watching Helix the new Scifi channel show, and so far it reminds me a lot of The Stand.

So anyway. . . when I am on an insomnia binge my mind goes into overdrive, and I start thinking about things, and then I think about more things, and my Weirdo Monitor goes off the scale. Well, my friends used to say that I was more like a Mad Scientist than anything else. I get to thinking and can’t even remember how to tie my shoes much less remember to eat or sleep!

I started out thinking about Juries. And U.S. legal customs. Which really tick me off. Come on – a defense
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attorney’s job is to get people off, no matter that they are guilty, no matter what they have done. Rape, murder, sadism, you name it. A prosecutor’s job is to get the defendant prosecuted – no matter if they did it or not. Cops jobs are to get a suspect and get them prosecuted (and having worked with police for dogs years, I can tell you, the concept of “close the case” is more important than whether the person is innocent or guilty). So I am sitting here thinking, the last time I had jury duty, the guy was soooo guilty (a brutal rapist) and yet the defense attorney was turning himself inside out to make the poor victims suffer the horrors of the damned in order to get his client off. Twelve people, none of them but me and one other had any experience in forensics, police work, evidential procedure, or the law. “A jury of your peers.” Pffft. I can tell you, this guy was NOT my “peer” by any stretch of the imagination. Yep. That definitely keeps me up at night.

Kristen Ashley has a great geek character in this one!

I did get to read Kristen Ashley, as I said. I have read her other Colorado Mountain series books, but Breath was good in that the main female character is such a geek! When I am having sleep issues, I find that reading something that is totally just for fun is about the only thing I can handle. Certainly can’t do anything that takes mental concentration or hand/eye coordination! LOL But it is fun, sorta like being all juiced up on endorphins after a long run. It just doesn’t help the spread of my thighs as well as running does! ROFL

SyFy Channel new program.
I liked the first one!
Biological warfare. No matter that the government says,
who really thinks the military doesn’t do it?

So, Helix you ask? Well, I am nine minutes down from the end of the first episode, and I have to say, I really like it so far. I could get all intense talking about medical labs and ancient viruses, biological warfare and all that . . . all sorts of fascinating issues, but that is several pages of ranting and raving, and you would be either bored or think I am a total whack job, so what can I say? (GRIN) The last part of the show – – – there is a scene that is totally, totally C.R.E.E.P.Y. . . . Monkeys will never look quite the same to me! I hope they don’t shut this show down. I am way sick of really good shows being taken off the air and replaced with stupid “reality” programming . . . come on, reality? More like “let’s all do the “I’m too stupid to live” programming.

Criminal Minds
Penelope Garcia

Maybe tonight I will sleep. Then I can put up some good reviews instead of mad rambling! For now, I finished the first episode of Helix and now I am watching the newest Criminal Minds. Gotta love Penelope Garcia!!! Oh, she is mentioned in Breath also. Cool.