If you have watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you will like that better.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were spies. The specialized in wet work, and so do the characters in Married to Madness. However, this is a bit more twisted than Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Instead of spies, Zack and Brandon are vigilantes – vigilantes who keep their vigilantism from one another much like their predecessors, but not in as loving a manner. Both are stone cold killers, working with their own groups – Zack with a secret group of men, Brandon with an equally secret group of women. I found their own relationship to be violent and twisted, as they physically fight, injuring one another physically, live separately, and then come back together as if nothing happened. Great for the kids sense of security, right? To me, that is defiantly not a healthy relationship no matter if they supposedly love one another or not. Or what they do in their off time.

 Neither of them knows about the others vigilante extracurricular activities and keeping secrets is hurting their relationship. Zack begins to suspect that Brandon is a killer and wonders when she will trust him enough to let him know. Of course, he also disappears at all hours of the day and night and she has no clue what he is up to either. Pot. Kettle.

There is violence, madness, murder, and lies upon lies in the book. This I didn’t mind – it is the kind of book it is. What really put me off of the book was the fact that, for all they were supposed to be a family, they didn’t love one another enough to be honest about who, and what, they were. And for all that the story is supposedly about people loving one another no matter the circumstances, I found their violence toward one another to be completely off-putting, though the vigilante thing? Well, good for them for taking out the trash.

Overall, I had problems with the book, but still enjoyed most of it. It is one of those books that I will not, however, place on my “to be read again” shelf.

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