shamanWhat’s a Shaman have to do to catch a break, anyway? You haul butt around, all over LA, finding lost souls (literally) and nobody gives you a lick of respect. Ugh. As if slipping on the Techno goggles and hoping around the multiverse, looking for wandering souls was an easy thing to carry off!

Livvy is a Techno-Shaman, a Shaman who uses 3-D goggles combined with the technology of the “God Helmet”, which uses an electromagnetic field and shamanic symbols created with light and magnets in order to open the way into the multiverse of the middleworld – the entryway world where she meets her spirit helper, her guide through the middle and down into the Underworld, the land of the Spirits. The money isn’t all that good, but hey, it’s a living – even though you have to dodge the occasional religious fanatic or prejudiced A-hole. Only, suddenly, Techno-shamans are dieing. And Livvy isn’t sure that she won’t be next.

As more Shamans die, and the underworld becomes more and more dangerous to enter, Livvy works with S.K., the dwarf who acts as intermediary for the Los Angeles area Shamans, to gather together the Shamans in order to stop the deaths and changes in the middle and under worlds. But pulling together the secretive and isolationist Shamans into a working group is harder than one might think. And it soon appears that, even working together, it might be too late to stop the destruction of the multiverse, and possibly of all time and space.

Shaman, Healer, Heretic is a quirky sort of Urban Fantasy, set in the gritty and unhappy back alleys and hovels of Los Angeles. Seeped in multiple world views and superstitions, the author blends differing belief systems into a satisfying whole, making it one of the more creative books of it’s type that I have read recently.

 I picked up my copy of M. Terry Green’s Shaman, Healer, Heretic (Olivia Lawson Techno-Shaman) as a freebie on Amazon. Grab a copy before they are all gone!