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February 2014

Publishing Today! Midsummer Sweetheart by Katy Regnery

Published Today!
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The Second in the Heart of Montana Series!

Back in August I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of By Proxy by Katy Regnery. It was truly enjoyable, a romance prompted by the Montana “Marriage by Proxy” law.

In By Proxy this odd little law leads to a funny, touching and lovely little tale set in beautiful Montana, on the edge of Yellowstone National Park.  Kristian is posted in Afghanistan, while his fiance’ Ingrid is posted in Germany. A weekend leave leaves Ingrid ‘in the family way’, a condition that has both families up in arms, and makes a quick wedding rather imperative.  Bring on Jenny, Ingrid’s best friend, and Sam, Kristian’s cousin, and let the fireworks begin!

In the second book, Midsummer Sweetheart, the Lindstrom family is at it again, as Erik Lindstrong, Jenny’s big brother, is tapped by Kristian and his wife, Ingrid (from By Proxy) to transport Katrin Svenson, Kristian’s twin sister, to Skidoo Bay in Big Lake County, Montana. Katrin is being stalked and threatened with death by her violent, alcoholic ex-fiance Wade, a loser of immense proportions.

As Eric is headed for the Kalispell County Sheriff’s Department, where he will begin training for three months as an Applied Technology and Drug Recognition Training Enforcement Officer, dropping off Katrin is on his way, and though he really doesn’t want to, he agrees to act as chauffeur.

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So begins another Katy Regnery story that reached out and grasped my heart in both hands and carried me away for a non-stop adventure through the gorgeous Montana country, as well as a quirky, Norwegian/Swedish family that I have come to love. Regnery’s newest indulges in some of the Norwegian and Swedish language, which I found absolutely delightful. The newest characters to be added to the story are also charming. As a Nurse, Katrin joins Doctor Martin, who served in Germany with Ingrid, and Gabrielle, another Nurse who served with the Doctor and Ingrid overseas. Doctor Martin, or Jose Martinez as we come to learn is his real name (he assimilated in the military) is much more gorgeous than Eric had expected him to be, causing immediate jealousy (where did that come from?), while Gabrielle is Jamaican, with the beauty, speech patterns, and attitude to match.

This edition of the Heart of Montana Series is beautifully done, as was the last, and kept me rooted to my chair from beginning to end. I found it, as I said, absolutely charming, though Eric was a bit of a pain in the butt as he was so very sure that no one would ever be able to get under his skin and he acts the jerk more than once. Finding out more about him as the book went along, however, I came to love him as much as I do all of Katy’s other characters.

All in all, if you love a romance with a bit of excitement and suspense, you cannot go wrong with Katy Regeny. You should start with “By Proxy”. Not that you couldn’t pick this one up and start here and stay on the story line. However, the first one is so good, why deny yourself??

Highly Recommended.

Midsummer Sweetheart is out today! I was asked by the author to review this book. This in no way affects my review of this or any other book in the series. All opinions are my own.

Katy Regnery

Author Bio:

Katy is a 2013 NECRWA First Kiss and 2013 NTRWA Great Expectations contest finalist who has always loved telling a good story and credits her mother with making funny, heartwarming tales come alive throughout her childhood. A lifelong devotee of all Romance writing, from Edwardian to present-day, it was just a matter of time before Katy tried her hand at writing a love story of her own. Katy lives in the relative-wilds of northern Fairfield County, Connecticut where her writing room looks out at the woods, and her husband, two young children and two dogs create just enough cheerful chaos to remind her that the very best love stories of all can often be the messy or unexpected ones. Katy has a Paranormal alter-ego: KP Kelley –

Her Paranormal It’s You is scheduled for a Winter 2014 release. 


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A Freebie Suggestion: Inn Keeping With Murder-Lynn Bohart

I am watching the Olympic Half Pipe Competition tonight. The men first, and then the women. Why a country who has places like Siberia puts their Winter Olympics in probably the only place in the whole country where it is over 45F and the half pipe is melting and slushy is beyond me . . .

But here is something that looks like fun for when I catch up! As an Old Maid myself, I am looking forward to it!

The Old Maids of Mercer Island – along with a talking parrot who likes to quote old movies, a Harlequin Great Dane, and two miniature Dachshunds,
What could be better??

INN KEEPING WITH MURDER (Old Maids of Mercer Island)
Lynn Bohart
4.5 Stars (86 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

FREE for a limited time

When seventy-three year old, Martha Denton drops dead into her peach cobbler at the St. Claire Inn, no one is surprised. After all, Martha had a heart condition. But when her death is ruled a murder, the inn’s owner, Julia Applegate, becomes the prime suspect.Julia recruits her “sixty-something” group of friends to launch their own investigation. Together with the inn’s resident ghosts, including Julia’s recently deceased mother who has learned to use a cell phone, they go after the truth. Add to that a talking parrot who likes to quote old movies, a Harlequin Great Dane, two miniature Dachshunds, a very handsome detective (or two), and get ready for a romp down mystery lane!

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Haven’t Read It But Sounds Interesting

An interesting biography? Sound so!

Every Essential Element
Rhonda Lauritzen
5.0 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | Drama & Plays

FREE for a limited time

This triumphant memoir of guts, family and bucking the establishment traces a fifty-five-year journey that mirrors not only a movement but the nation. Beginning in a time when Wonder Bread® was health food, Gaye and Hartley Anderson leave security to pursue a crazy idea they could not ignore. Their friends snicker and the U.S. government bullies them, but they inspire each other through poverty, disasters, and the trials of family business. Starting at the kitchen table, they and their contemporaries grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Every Essential Element is the true story of the author’s parents: a quirky, lovely reminder of how two people can make it—in marriage, business and life.

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Review: How (Not) To Play With Magic-A Cindy Eller Short Story

We were eating ice cream and talking about bacon. – Cindy Eller

Cindy Eller 0.5 – a short story introducing the magical baker, Cindy Eller!

Ice cream and bacon? Hey, two of my favorite things! Having just raved over the three (and a short story) Goldie Locke books by Elizabeth A. Reeves, I dove into my first Cindy Eller story. Only a 25 page short story, we meet Cindy – who has a rather irritating problem – any male she kisses turns into a toad. Wow. Bummer, huh?

Cindy is a magical baker, and when we first meet her, she is serving up brownie sundaes with real whipped cream to her twin magical sisters in the middle of the night.

Yum. Worth the short story for that image in my head! (Now, where is my chocolate?)

It really sucks when your twin half-sisters turned your mom’s latest husband into a dog. Sigh. Well, at least he is a Border Collie! (Hey, so the twins like animals better than people – so do I! You go, Girls!)

The girls (whom I had met in Goldie’s story line) are a hoot, and I desperately want to taste Cindy’s brownies . . . and some of the Dark Chocolate Mango Ice Cream!

Review: Baehrly Alive:Goldie Locke and the Were Bears #3

The third, and most difficult, Goldie Locke.
Wonderful character development, a fascinating
story line – and you MUST read them in order!!!!

Goldie Locke has come a long, long way in the last three books. From lighthearted, cutie figure in Breathing, she moved to a darker, more damaged soul in Bitten as she tried to manage the changes that being bitten by her ex-boyfriend Kodi caused within her. A strong Earth witch, having the bear inside her, a bear which she could not, and would not, work with put incredible strain on her. While she may have been able to manage the bear under ordinary circumstances, the bite came while her soul and her magic were half torn from her body, leaving the link between human and bear shattered.

At the end of Bitten, it wasn’t just the bear bite that Goldie suffers, but something even more horrific – and as we moved into Baehrly Alive her life, her world, and her soul are in dire peril. Everything around Goldie is falling apart, and those whom she has trusted and relied upon become the enemy, while that which she thought to be enemy could possibly become a friend(?)

This was by no means an ‘easy’ read. There is suffering and heartache galore for Goldie – more pain that someone with her kind and gentle heart and soul should have to bear. And things change drastically as she fights to save those whom she loves while finding betrayal on every side. But the thing is – Goldie is a lot more than she has ever seemed to be. She is strong, both in mind and in soul, no matter what is happening to change who, and what, she is. She is strong enough to stand up and say “No More” to make the hard choices and follow through. I deeply admire the character.

While there is heartbreak and loss in the book (this is definitely not the light and fluffy read that the first book was) the growth of the character is extremely well written, and she learns and grows from everything that happens to her, though she may be going through more heartbreak than any one person should have to suffer. There are odd things going on with Goldie – and in the very last sentence of the epilogue? A tiny spark of hope, a possibility that, though things may not be the HEA that one might have expected, I saw something there that I hope the author is truly planning to explore in a later book. A hope that all may not be lost. For Goldie is different – more different than even she realizes at this point – a difference that a creature more powerful than any other has noticed.

I was excited to see that How (Not) to Kiss A Were Bear is scheduled (hopefully) for March. It will pull the worlds of Goldie and Cindy Eller together, and will hopefully give Goldie some respite from the pain of her current condition, and keep us on track for more Goldie books to come.

Review: Baehrly Bitten:Goldie Locke and the Were Bears #2

You should read them in order. Get the first one for free on Amazon, then you won’t be able to resist the next two if you are crazy for character development and strong women characters!

In my review of Baehrly Breathing, the first in the Goldie Locke series, I said, “Golden Sunshine Locke, or Goldie Locke as she is better known, is my new favorite “Just For Fun” literary character!” And I can still say that Goldie is a favorite that I am happy to have found and embraced. And the fun is still there in the second book, Baehrly Bitten: Goldie Locke and the Were Bears #2. But life is changing for Goldie, and she is growing into her character, and into her life. A life that is getting tougher, and more intense in this second volume.

In the first book, we met Goldie, a sassy, funny, five-foot nothing who, despite absolutely hating it, is “cute.” Blonde, blue-eyed, and just plain adorable, looking like she is nineteen, at most. Instead, she is a smart, savvy woman with two PhD’s and a law degree, specializing in being the “most dreaded Magical environmental lawyers of all time.” What she really is doing is rescuing those rare and endangered creatures that need her help. Which means she has a houseful of creatures, including a baby dragon, a tiny, pink mastedon, and various other magical creatures. Her house is definitely getting to small for everyone – including the two guys who she is working with. And who both want her. Sound suspiciously like a triangle, but it doesn’t feel like that at all, so if you are like me, don’t let it bother you. It all works itself out fairly quickly. But Goldie needs all the help she can get, and vampires are on the loose, murdering and kidnapping. And these aren’t the “sparkly” vampires that are so common in literature today. These are more like what I would consider vampires to really be like – nasty, mindless, bags of bones, parasites of the lowest order, skulking in the dark.

In Breathing, Goldie’s ex, Kodi, one of the three werebear Baehr brothers, was forced to bite Goldie in order to save her life. Now, Goldie is fighting her internal bear as it fights for dominance and fights to mate with Kodi – something that Goldie most definitely does not want. In order to be able sleep as the bear fights her, throwing her magic around and destroying everything around her, Goldie has her mother bind the bear within her mind. And that is only the first of Goldie’s troubles.

This is, as I said, a deeper novel than the last. Goldie is still funny and snarky, but this volume went deeper, a bit darker than the last, allowing Goldie to grow and develop as a character. I started out loving this from the start because it was so light and funny. Now, I like it even more for the character development and the darker nature, while still hanging onto Goldie’s true personality. She is growing, and changing, but she is still immensely likable. Bruised and damaged as she is in this volume, I don’t get the feeling that she is turning dark or losing who she is in her soul.

Overall? I just downloaded the next book, Baehrly Alive. Yes, I am totally hooked. The bad part, of course, is that when I am done it will be “wait for the next one” time . . . (saaaaddddd!)

Katy Regnery Blog Tour on the 18th!

Blog Tour BannerEpilogue

Review: Baehrly Breathing – FREE on Amazon!

Whee!!! (Jumping up and down clapping hands like a five-year-old.) Golden Sunshine Locke, or Goldie Locke as she is better known, is my new favorite “Just For Fun” literary character! Well, anyone who owns two three-headed puppies, several cats, a fluffy zombie Silkie chicken named Fred, and Petunia the miniature pink elephant (well, actually pink mastodon, but that is just being picky) is my kind of girl! And did you know that several types of magical creatures all together are called a “Mayhem”? Again, Whee!

A sweet treasure of the Urban Fantasy kind!
Wonderful characters, a fun new (to me) series!

Goldie is an Earth witch, with two PhD’s, one in Zoology and one in Magical Ecosystems, and a law degree. Her job with the Baehr brothers is as one of the “most dreaded Magical environmental lawyers of all time.” Which is rather difficult when you are a five-foot blonde with a terminal case of “cute.” What is a girl to do except learn to be a Master Swordswoman and kick butt on a regular basis?

This is my first introduction to Elizabeth A. Reeves and her Baehrly series, but it certainly won’t be my last. In this edition, Goldie is stuck with an ‘Ordinary’ (non magical) police detective trying to solve the thefts and slaughter of numerous extremely endangered magical creatures. The story is extremely funny in parts, but also made me ache for the loss of such wonderful creatures in such a terrible manner. But, with her Ordinary partner, Donovan, her ex boyfriend Kodi Baehr, the youngest of the Baehr brothers and a total goof-off, and her awesome smart mouth, Goldie handles missing magical creatures, mystery, and mayhem galore.

All in all, I truly enjoyed this first new (to me) book in the series and greatly look forward to the next in the series, Baehrly Bitten.

New analyses explode the secrets of the publishing industry

Great new information on Indie Publishing vs. Publishing Houses. Thanks to Mark Henwick and JA Konrath!

Mark Henwick

That’s a rather dramatic title, but I’m tired of the representation of data in the publishing area – analyses that claim to show this or that but don’t actually include Amazon data. Hello? Amazon sell the bulk of books. This misrepresentation isn’t necessarily the analysts’ fault – Amazon tries to shield its data from others. Well, Konrath, Howey and associated data gurus have cracked the lid, just a little, and the result is huge. This takes some reading and thinking time. There are also links that are slow due to the numbers of people looking, but, oh boy, is it worth it.

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