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Earlier today I got an e-mail from Joseph Persia, the author of The Sun They Called The Moon. Joseph is a new author who wrote, “Thanks for adding me. I feel that I am kind of new here since I still don’t quite understand “Goodreads” from an author’s paradigm, but thanks, again. Joe”

Hum. You know, I thought, there are a lot of those out there – brand new authors who don’t really know what is what about the various sites. And Goodreads is a good one to know. So, being myself, I sent the following e-mail:

Hi Joseph,

Goodreads is an author’s paradise. You can search for readers who have similar tastes to the theme of your book. You can join author groups to learn about marketing, networking, finding beta readers, editors and reviewers, and improving your overall writing.

Check out the groups (“Groups” under the main heading). Join those that sound interesting to you. Put up your favorite books under “My Books”. Join discussion groups about books in your genre and become a part of the discussion, while also telling the group members about your books.

Don’t be shy about asking for reviews, however, remember that most of us are crazy busy and it may be a while before the really good reviewers can get to your book (I have a waiting list that is edging into two months long). Since your book was published already, it will probably be a while before the good reviewers can get to you if you start asking now. So start READING REVIEWS by different reviewers. You will find that there is a great deal of difference between reviewers. READ reviews before you ask someone to review, and make sure that you are getting the right “fit”. There are people out there that don’t know what they are doing – and those that are just plain useless. And, yes, those who are purposely vicious. Must be something going on in their lives that makes them that way, I don’t know, but they are there. Use caution and choose only those who you believe will “get you”.

When you find reviewers you believe will be a good fit, write a nice e-mail, and offer to send them a copy for free. The good reviewers don’t pay for their books, their word is worth more than gold. But don’t just send a copy – ask – politely. And don’t be offended if you get a no – like I said, we are busy and many really good, thorough reviewers simply are too backed up.

Look for reviews that aren’t all just 5-star nauseating gushes. Look for realistic reviews that point out the highlights, but also, in a kind and generous manner, point out where the author could improve.

Hope this helps! Write if you want to chat. I do take time when I get up in the mornings to answer mail before I start work.


Maybe this will help another new author out there – or maybe I am full of cow hockey! Either way, if you think Joseph’s book might interest you, you might give him a shout.

Snow is gone, sun is out, and I am headed for the porch! Have a great day everyone!