Reading the Dead – the Sarah Milton Chronicles

Ghost Story? Murder Mystery? Paranormal? All of the above?
Where ever you decide to shelve it, this is a great book, filled
with action and drama!

Sarah Milton is special. Oh, she wouldn’t agree that she was special – she is more inclined to believe that she is just an oddball who grew up with an invisible friend as a child. An invisible friend who disappeared when Sarah’s mother was murdered, when Sarah needed her the most. Lonely and heartbroken, Sarah disappears into her books, and her obsession over her mother’s murder.

Now grown, Sarah is a police officer in Los Angeles, assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit. Well educated and intelligent, Sarah is an up and coming star of the division, tracking and bringing down a psychopathic serial killer on her first case. Now, another killer is out there, and Sarah is right in the middle of it. But before she can truly get started, something happens that changes Sarah’s life forever.

Bosco, Sarah’s hyperactive Yorki best buddy is out of kibble, so she stops at the minimart – and walks straight into a robbery. A robbery that gains her a bullet in the chest, and a trip to the land of the dead. Brought back, the first ‘person’ she sees is Anna Nigma, her long lost invisible friend.

J.B. Cameron has written a seriously good story. This is a paranormal story, filled with ghosts and things that go bump in the night. It is exceptional as a paranormal, with solid writing and a well-written story line. But it is more than that. It is a great suspense story, with thrills, chills, and exceptional mystery and police procedure. With ghosts and invisible people leading the way, how does a detective explain how she knows what she knows? And how does she stop it when the story is more than ever expected?

This is exceptional writing for a “new” author. I will be purchasing the next books, and I have no doubt that I will greatly enjoy them.

I am acquainted with Cameron through, however, I purchased the book on my own and have not received payment for the purchase in any manner. All opinions are my own.