Megan is giving us a freebie as we wait for Dowser 3! You can pick it up at Amazon and enjoy it while you wait for the new adventures in “magical backwater of Vancouver.” But are they really the magical backwaters? Or is something wickid this way come?????

Made by Meghan

While we’re all waiting patiently for the release of Dowser 3, I thought I’d give away a short story just for fun.

The Graveyard Kiss – which is set in the Dowser Universe but doesn’t contain any of the characters – is free to download from Amazon from May 9 – 11, 2014. This short story also appears in The Kiss Anthology so some of you may already have it.

warning meme - graveyardkiss

I wrote this just for fun … no secret hints into the Dowser Series or anything. Just for fun.

Book cover by Irene Langholm
Edited by Scott Fitzgerald Gray

Soon, soon my pretties, there will be a synopsis, giveaways of eARCs, and a release date. Soon, soon there will be more Jade, and Kandy, and Kett and some new(ish) players as well!!

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