Click to go to the Animal Rescue Site! Your donation buys 14 bowls of food for displaced animals, and you feel good as well as helping. And what a cool shirt, right?

For a limited time, for every Only Speaking To My Cat! T-Shirt purchased, an extra $5 will be donated to help animals affected by the wildfires in California!


In recent days, over three dozen wildfires have been tearing through San Diego County, scorching over 10,000 acres. At last count, eight of these blazes continue to burn, many of them barely contained. Due to heavy winds, fire tornadoes are making the situation even more unpredictable and dangerous. 125,000 residents have been told to evacuate or are currently not allowed to return home. As a result, beloved family pets and larger farm animals remain unaccounted for all across the county. Our trusted partner, San Diego Humane Society (SDHS), has activated their Animal Rescue Reserve to preform animal welfare checks for those evacuated who fear for missing pets. SDHS has also set up staging areas next to multiple Red Cross shelters where animals are being kept safe until they can reunite with their families. As of May 16 2014, SDHS has relocated 100 displaced animals.

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The countdown is running! Skip on over to the Animal Rescue Site and get your T-Shirt and help our Furry Kids! Right now there is a bit over ONE DAY AND THIRTEEN HOURS to help!!!!!
Thanks from all the San Diego Wildfire Victims!

Thanks to the Animal Rescue Site for bringing this to our attention and providing the text for this post.

Each item you buy funds at least 14 bowls of food for shelter animals in need.
Your purchase helps great charities: Foundation, IFAW, Rescue Bank, and more!
492,408,168 bowls of food have been given to animals in need so far.