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Introducing Book Reviewer and Editor, LEIAH COOPER

Tolkein and Leiah


I first met Leiah in a discussion group on GoodReads, where it became apparent we had many similar interests and views. We’ve talked a lot since then, and I’ve been seriously impressed with Leiah’s developing business as a BOOK REVIEWER and EDITOR – this lady is one voracious reader!

And now she’s also working on adding a boutique, individually-tailored marketing service for authors to that list – AUTHORS, TAKE NOTE – as far as I can tell, this woman rarely sleeps so she has more hours in the day than the average human!

That was one of the burning questions I had in mind when I set about asking these interview questions, and I’m blown away by what I discovered – so without further ado – here is my

Interview with Leiah Cooper – Book Reviewer and Editor

Tell us a bit about yourself – where…

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