And what do you know, it doesn’t FIT! Sigh. And I LOVE the fabrics…
Anyway, Now that I have it made and it is a lovely cover, I am putting it up for sale. Someone should be able to enjoy it, right? The tablet area is 8″ x 9.5″.  It should fit what is called a “10 inch” tablet just fine – looking at the specs on those it appears the size isn’t exactly “10 inches” so you should fit fine. The yellow top bands are elastic covered with fabric, so they stretch around the top corners to hold the unit tightly. The fabrics are all high-quality quilt shop fabrics, not Joann’s or Hancocks. The cover is very soft – I lined it with high quality batting instead of foam so that it breaths better and is “squishy!” I looked online at and it looks like $45.00 is a reasonable price.
I am going to make another to fit my Nook. I still have some of the same fabrics, but I never make duplicates of anything – every item I sew or knit is Unique!
If you are interested, send me an e-mail. As with my editing services, I accept Paypal!
The fabric is so pretty! LOL.. But you can see it is two inches too big on the side. :-{
The back. The pins in the bottom are where it needs to be hand sewed to close it up. That will only take me a half an hour or so to close that area.
There are three small pockets on the left side, for your cell, etc. The yellow has a half pocket in front of it and a full sized pocket area behind the yellow. There is also a full sized pocket under the tablet area. Again, I need to sew the bottom opening closed, I will do it by hand.
The front cover with the tab closure.
Sushi Chef!