Now this is a bit more interesting in the “Werewolf” genre. These poor college kids are turned into wolves in a government experiment . . .

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Hello everyone! Today I have a little something special for you! I owed a review for this one 🙂 I have been behind on reviews and this one is too good not to show you!! The original post for this book is HERE! 

Berman’s Wolves
Gretchen SB
Genre: Urban Fantasy
When a scientist runs an experiment on three separate college campuses that goes horribly wrong, several hundred students find their lives altered forever. They must learn to adapt to their new lives as Werewolves. Immediately after the incident a government program was put in place to keep track of these unwitting subjects. After a year the program falls apart as those in charge argue on how to proceed.
Without the programmers constantly looking over their shoulders the werewolves have now started to organize themselves. Creating their own hierarchy and alliances.
Jack is the Alpha of Pacific…

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