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An abused child bride will be hanged to death as early as this week unless her husband’s family pardons her.

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Dear Leiah,

Razieh Ebrahimi was forced to become a child bride at 14 years of age. For three years her husband abused her, insulting her constantly and physically assaulting her. Finally, after he severely beat her one night when she was 17, Razieh killed her husband. Now she could be executed by hanging as early as this week.

Her husband’s family has the right to pardon her, but so far they have refused.

Click here to save Razieh Ebrahimi’s life by asking for her to be pardoned from execution.

Razieh told reporters that her husband used any excuse to verbally and physically attack her. She was forced into the marriage by her father, and had her first child at age 15.

Razieh is facing execution even though international laws prohibit the death sentence for crimes committed by juveniles. Human rights lawyers and activists around the world are calling for Iran to stop executions of juvenile offenders.

If thousands of us plead with her husband’s family to have compassion, they could be moved to spare Razieh’s life. Click here to sign the petition asking for a pardon that would stop Razieh’s execution.

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