silverwolfclanHere is a confession. I am mad about Urban Fantasy. I suppose everyone has “that genre” that they simply can’t live without, and this is mine. So, starting from that point, I was very pleased to be offered Silver Wolf Clan by Tera Shanley for a read-and-review.

The issue with some UF books, especially those involving werewolves, is that I have read so many that I often find myself bored. Been there, done that, and didn’t even pick up my T-shirt on the way out. Tara Shanley skirts that edge in this volume, but at the same time she reaches somewhat outside the furry box into something that made it more interesting for me, and that is a good thing – something that encourages me to reach for her next book in the series when I get a moment.

We aren’t often offered books where we see what happens to a “Changed” when he is taken down and becomes wolf after being attacked by a rogue without pack to assist the victim into his or her new life. This is exactly what happens to Greyson Crawford. Camping in the forest, he responds to a woman’s screams, only to come upon a horrific sight. A huge wolf is attacking a woman who is standing over a tiny child as she tries to fight off the monster’s rage. Rushing to her assistance, Grey draws the attack onto himself, striking over and over with his boot knife in order to save the woman and child. With another woman lying dead on the ground from the attack, Grey knows that the only way to save the woman and child is to put himself at risk. And what happens is, of course, what one would expect. Changed, Grey has no support, less knowledge, and a horror of what he has become.

On his own for the last six months, trying desperately to control the Wolf inside him, Grey is lost, terrified of himself and the beast inside. A visit by two unknown were introduces him to something he didn’t even know existed – pack. As he comes to learn that he may just be able to deal with being what he considers a monster after all, he is still haunted by the face of the pixie-like woman whom he rescued from the rogue.

Due to a turn of fate, the beautiful woman he rescued, Morgan Carter, slips back into Grey’s life, opening up new thoughts and feelings, and bringing a bit of balance into his life. What happens next is to be expected in the telling, but is expanded upon and tweaked by an unusual thread which brought the fairly rote story line into a new and more interesting territory.

Overall, the book doesn’t fall within my “Oh, Wow!” mindset, but it is interesting enough that I will still follow along to see what happens next.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own and are not affected by this fact.