redstrainEveryone’s first priority is covering their asses…. Pilot, Boeing 777 carrying The Box

He knew quite well that it was plague and, needless to say, he also knew that, were this to be officially admitted, the authorities would be compelled to take very drastic steps. This was, of course, the explanation of his colleagues’ reluctance to face the facts.
-Albert Camus, The Plague, Part 1

I first read The Strain back when the by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan first printed the book. Scary, very, very scary! I wandered away from horror right after reading this book, but I still remember it well.

Now, I have just watched the first two of the F/X series, and it meets all of my requirements for creepy, bloody and very, very scary! Staring Sean Astin and Adriana Barraza and produced by Cory Bird. This is not your teenager’s vampires. This is most definitely an adult program, as was the book. Blood and gore are the main aspects of the story, bloody as all get out.

The storyline follows the book closely, which I really like. There will, no doubt, be additions and subtractions to the script, but I did enjoy the two shows I watched.

If you like horror, you should read the book. It is quite good, and the series shows promise.

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