thedepthsQuality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. – John Ruskin

Quality of product is paramount in anything which one hopes to provide to a buying public. The problem is, though this story has an interesting concept, the quality of work is quite lacking.

I have the following issues with the book: 1) Errors in logic 2) Errors in science 3) Continuity issues 4) Grammatical and word usage issues As previously stated, the concept is good, and it could possibly be a best-seller in its genre. However, the book needs a good, solid editor with experience, especially in continuity, logical and scientific matters.

I note that Mr. Thacker has written other books, mostly nonfiction, though he has written one other fiction book, The Golden Crystal which reviews indicate also had these same issues. Because I believe the book has potential I would like to ask if Mr. Thacker would be amenable to hiring an editor for his book and putting out a 2nd edition. If so, I would be happy to review the book for him at that time. At this time, I could not give the book a good review. There are simply too many issues that make the book a confusing, rather unpleasant read. It is not my intent to be either cruel or condescending. I do, however, expect better in my reading, and Mr. Thacker has the potential to do exceptionally well given guidance.