To tell you true, I haven’t read this book. But I have picked it up and put it in my “That sounds REALLY funny, for when I need a good giggle” pile.  I mean, who hasn’t had this exact same thought?!?!

How To Keep Sparkly Emo Vampires Off Your Lawn
Mike Cooley
3.4 Stars (37 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Humor & Satire

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Back in the day, we never had a problem with these pesky sparkly vampires. Oh, we would get an occasional deer in the yard, or a squirrel, or even a raccoon, but never vampires. It was a peaceful, quiet little town in the Pacific Northwest called Spoon. We never caused anyone any trouble and they left us well enough alone.

But those days are gone. Now these emo vampires are everywhere. Not to mention those dang waxing werewolves. It’s getting to the point where you can’t even have a beer in the backyard without some blood sucking freak moping about.

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