I was going to post a rant, because I dropped my Nook on the floor, face down, and the glass shattered like spun sugar. Well, I have insurance (I never get electronics without the insurance – thank goodness! This is my second Nook in a couple of months – the last one the battery was no good on, but it was covered by warranty –  but the “Drop” insurance will come in really handy on this little ‘boo-boo.’

So I sat down to write, and just now found out about the passing of one of my heroes, Robin Williams. Maybe “hero” isn’t the right word for you – but whenever I was really, really down, or in excruciating pain (don’t EVER let anyone tell you chemo isn’t painful) he could make me laugh.

It is ironic that he left us due to his devastating problems with depression and substance abuse. But his generation, which is my generation as well, has always had problems with depression and substance abuse. What a terrible thing to happen to an amazing man. We just never know what is behind the mask, and how our icons suffer, no matter how popular or well loved they are.

We were raised in a time when depression was shameful – it wasn’t talked about, wasn’t treated and wasn’t understood. So, we self-medicated with alcohol, drugs and self destructive behavior. And sometimes, we can’t get over it – can’t get past the pain and shame and addictions. No matter how much we may be loved, the demons still live in our heads, eating away at our hearts, minds and souls.

Robin Williams is such a loss to the world. His humour brought us joy. How sad that it didn’t bring him joy as well.