One man’s murder is another man’s justice. – Hank Mossberg

hannkHank Mossberg is a man out of time. Well, make that an ogre out of time. For he is the last of his kind, an anomaly amongst anomalies. Not that the humans around Hank, even notice that he is a 6’6″ ogre with green hair and skin. People are good at ignoring the things that frighten them; things they don’t understand or want to deal with.

Of course it is hard to be afraid of Hank, large and green as he is. Hank is a sweetheart, the last true Steward left in the world. The last Ogre in the world. How sad, to know that you are the last of your kind. Once the guardians of the forests, as the forests became parking lots, roads and skyscrapers,  the Ogres have died away, until only Hank is left.

As a PI in the human world (remember that whole 6’6″ and green thing? Nah. Nobody notices) Hank is also the Steward, the law-bringer for the fae world. And Hank is going to need all of his skills to solve his latest cases. For there has been a murder in the fae lands, and Hank is the main suspect. Well, he did truly hate the victim. What’s not to hate? A high elf head of the elf mafia (Yep. Mafia.) guilty of all sorts of nasty, including making pixie dust. And pixie dust is a lot nastier than one might imagine – in all sorts of ways.

Hank is a wonderful person. A gentle heart and a strong sense of right and wrong is special in itself. Add in a wonderful supporting cast, creative world building (the Mother Tree, where Hank lives and works, is awesome) and a quirky sense of humor, and you have a wonderful series I fully intend to follow through!

About the Author: Sedgwick is a northern California writer, musician, winemaker, mechanic, boat builder, blacksmith, etc. Jamie divides his time between his family, his writing, and his numerous hobbies, in that order. Jamie also writes Mystery and Thriller fiction under the name Jeramy Gates. For more info, visit