Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-OffOK, I know that I have probably just found something that you all know about already, but I got a huge kick out of the Rachel vs. Guy Kids Cook-Off on the Food Network.

Eight kids, one as young as 10, compete to win their own Web Show for Food Network.  There were four episodes that I watched in order all in one night, and these kids were awesome! They created dishes even the Food Professional final judges couldn’t believe were made by kids.

Four girls and four boys competed, and all did spectacularly well. The final score was barely points apart, with the second and third place winners tying, only one point behind the winner. These kids were mature, funny, and yet serious enough to pull off an amazing series of shows. There were break-downs and tears, and I honestly felt that there was a bit too much pressure on these kids (stage mommy, anyone?) but overall they handled it like champs, and made themselves proud!

Here is the link for the Winner’s New Show – Enjoy!