This is so cool! Sarah Musgrove did a great job of pulling this together. I have always wanted to see Petra . And I had no idea about some of these other locations. Utah isn’t far away, I will have to visit Blue John Canyon. How fun it would be to fit all these places into a world tour…. ah, if I only had MONEY! LOL


FILM: Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008). GregoryBack in action: Harrison Ford stars in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Harrison Ford Are you ready to find out where Indie found the grail? (Picture: Paramount Pictures)

Think all the sets you see in the movies are CGI or polystyrene? Think again.

If you’ve got even a hint of film nerd about you, there’s a good chance you’ll freak out over getting to visit these real life film sets.

Read on to find out where your favourite movies really took place (ie where to book your next break).

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

CREDIT: Alamy/ Rex Al Khazneh in Petra (Picture: Alamy/ Rex)

The hidden city carved into the rock face where they found the grail? That’s real. You might know it as the Canyon Of The Crescent Moon, but it’s really in a city called Petra in Jordan. And that building is an ancient temple known as The Treasury.


FOR USE WITH "TRAVEL MONT ST MICHEL"--This is a  1997 view of Mont St. Michel, France. Through the ages, the mystery surrounding Mont St. Michel, a Gothic abbey perched high on a massive rock off France's Normandy coastline, has stretched far beyond its outstanding beauty. Now, almost 1,300 years after the first small shrine was built there, human development and tourism are posing a new threat. (AP Photo/Franck Prevel)...I Look out for Mother Gothel (Picture: AP)

This Disney Royal Palace was inspired by…

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