Wee! Marigold, my bestest buddy and fellow blogger, nominated me!! How cool is THAT?? You should check her out too, at https://versusblurb.wordpress.com/ She has the bestest reviews, and you will want to jump on a plane immediately for Australia for a visit! Thanks, Sweetie! I would come over and bring you brownies and hot chocolate, but I don’t know how to swim, so I guess I won’t be jumping in the ocean and finding my way to you. . . sigh. Here is a cyber hug instead! { ❤ }

Versus Blurb

I’d like to congratulate Eliza Worner for receiving the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

*Cue Applause*

Eliza is a fellow writer and has published a children’s book, writes an online serial novel, contributes to online publications and is also editing her new novel which has been the inspiration for many an interesting post. She’s so dedicated and kinda puts me to shame 😉 so I happily visit her blog to gain inspiration.

 Very Inspiring Blogger Award

And she has kindly nominated me to be the next recipient. And I have coddled it like my childhood teddy humbly accepted. Thank you Eliza! May we continue to be blogger buddies and prosper in the blogosphere!

So what’s the go? Well, this very encouraging award acts like a chain-mail thing. The letter kind, not the smithing upgrade to ringmail. Basically upon accepting the award you need to follow THE RULES:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you…

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