tOK, here is my big confession – I am a huge Eve Langlais fan. Sometimes you just need a huge dose of chocolate, a hot bath, a glass of wine, and some good old sexy belly laughs, and she ever fails to deliver. So, last night, chocolate, hot bath, a Merlot blend I just discovered that I like quite a bit, and I settled in for an Eve read.

Chloe is a hoot. Snarky and tough, she has no interest in any kind of relationship. . .  At. All.  So, she enjoys her crappy paying job as a public defender, working with her friend Becky whom she has known since kindergarten, defending way more weirdos than she would like (well, at least they do make her life interesting) when a werewolf walks in her door. He’s been charged with peeing on his neighbor’s roses . . .


And what happens after is a hoot. Cause it isn’t just the werewolf that is ‘dogging’ her tracks (get it? Dogging? Giggle! Ah, well, sigh) there is the local prosecutor who is sniffing up her skirt as well. Well, maybe not, ‘sniffing’ per se. . . but anyway, you get the point.

Demons and werewolves, other things that go bump in the night. And a pair of men who won’t take no for an answer? All I can say, is funny, and sexy baby, funny and sexy!  With the male population overrunning the world, polygamy is the law, but Chloe isn’t having any of it  –  is she?

Fun, relaxing, exciting, it’s all there. If you are up for a paranormal romance with a ton of sass, enjoy!!