So many things that we simply take for granted. And our military, and their pain, are a large part of that. Sheri has written a great article we should all pay attention to.

Sheri Lawrence de Grom

Mental Health/Suicide
by – Sheri de Grom

Suicide by active duty military and reservists is at a record high, about one a day.

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The numbers of active duty soldiers who’ve committed suicide are fifty-percent higher than the number of troops killed in Afghanistan in combat.

An estimated fifty-percent of the military that commit suicide never served in combat nor were they ever deployed to foreign soil.

Suicide rates are rising despite a determined push by the Pentagon to connect troops to a proliferation of resources: crisis intervention, therapy for post-traumatic crisis intervention, and therapy for other types of trauma including sexual abuse.

I believe many reasons account for the escalating suicide rates among active duty military and much of it has to do with deteriorating leadership capabilities within the ranks. Soldiers once had a feeling of camaraderie, the feeling that someone always had their back.


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