18509820I admit it. I am a sucker for Beauty and the Beast. And this short by Ms. Carter is a beautiful take on the story.

A Renaissance Faire lover, Terri and her friend Nala run a costume business online and attend faires during the season. Last year, Terri met Beorn, a six and a half foot tall ‘bear’ of a man who made her lush curves feel tiny and delicate. With a promise to keep in touch, Beorn disappeared after the faire . . . and that was it. No Beorn visits.

This year, Terri and Nala are back at the faire, and who should show up but Beorne’s friend, Brokk, asking her to accompany him to meet with Beorne. She does, of course (else, there wouldn’t be a story, now would there?)

What happens next is pure B&tB. It is a lovely little story that touched my heart. It is also a shame that it got bad ratings on Goodreads simply because the reviewers found it “not erotic enough.” That is exactly why I enjoyed it so much. So many books today are so filled with sex, they don’t even have a story line. For a 71 page book, I found that the balance between the bedroom calisthenics and the actual story was spot on and well executed. The story is cute as a button without being cloying, and Terri is a tough cookie without being harsh. Overall, a fun, pleasant read.  I started it over dinner, curled up in my chair with Celtic music in the background, and totally enjoyed myself. If you want a sweet story based on a beloved fairy tale, I highly recommend it.