So, today was the day I picked up Colin’s ashes from the funeral home.  My best friend, gone forever. And when you don’t have a lot of those, you cherish every one you have.

I leave the house under grey skies, and the bottom falls out. By the time I get to the funeral home I can barely see past the hood of the car.  Lightning, thunder, flooding, you name it. My Boxer, HiJinx, is with me, and she is shaking like a leaf. And of course, I left my driving glasses at home, so it is a real pain in the backside to drive anyway. Then add in the flooding…. sigh.

Picked up Colin’s ashes at the funeral home, sobbing like a baby, but I also have to drop off stuff in Golden, so I do that. Not fun getting home through the storm.

Then, the UPS man comes. Now, don’t get me wrong, he is a sweetie. He has been my UPS man for years, and he is always cheerful. But today? Well, hell. I set up an account with UPS a few days ago, and had a package for him to go to Bob Bird in Canada. Bob bought the ereader cover that I had on the site the other day and I had it all nicely packaged. But. . . for some reason, UPS decided that they wouldn’t send along a label!!! HUH?? They ALWAYS send along a label!!! I set the box out and they pick it up and it gets where it is going . . . so, what the fuck????

Contacted UPS – well, since I have my own account now instead of Etsy or Amazon, I don’t GET labels!!!!

Oh, and, BTW???   Stuff it up your butt if you think you are getting a refund!!!


Grabbed my package and headed to the post office. Yep. Still raining like the end of times . . .

Get there, and realize…. the postal code isn’t on the sheet I printed out.

Bashes head on counter.


Well, fuck me sideways!

So, back to the house in the driving rain, with a stopover at Walmart for a new two-tier Lazy Susan for the kitchen (yes, I am left handed and the teakettle steams off to the right. Fine. Get over it. The Rubbermaid melted. The new Walmart special is bamboo, I bet it can take what I dish out.) Oh, and the liquor store, because no matter that I try not to drink, being that I suffer from (as you all know) serious depression, I really need wine – and LOTS of it…..

Oh, and I decided to do something other than my Yellow Tail Shiraz Cabernet – though in several years of wine tastings I usually come back to that one. Found a Fantini Farnese Montepulciano that is a bit dry, very intensely fruity, and yes, very almost gone already…. will be returning to this Italian Winery again.

So, here I sit, having gone to the USPS site and gotten EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED EXACTLY THE WAY I WANTED IT…. I have a new Lazy Susan, four bags of Halloween chocolate (no, there will be NO trick-or-treater’s, that shit is all mine!) a tummy warmed by Montepulciano, and my best friend’s ashes sitting here on my desk.

Everyone knows I would never let my depression interrupt my editing (Promise, Marcel!) but when I finish this glass? Yep. I’m going to bed and listening to Passenger’s Whisper and passing out. Tom0rrow has GOT to be a better day!