Ha! My friend Lidija wrote this so cute post and I had to share it with you. It made me grin, big time! Thanks, Lidija!


walnutDedicated to:

Leiah Cooper and her blog “So, I read this book today” 🙂

Past week I have been struggling with posting something to blog. I wrapped my head around learning Swedish and have found some Harvard’s online lectures about computer science so I have been busy. And I am trying to make this blog look little bit more eye appealing (that did not work how I planed haha).


Walnut season is finally over. Whole household was collecting them (100% organic from our back yard). Suki was “helping” too. She enjoyed cracking them with her teeth and trying to get walnuts out.

It was raining so we needed a place to dry them. Attic was one of the spots, but rest of house and yard was full of baskets with walnuts waiting to be dried. This past 2 weeks Suki was in charge discovering all secret places with…

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