Yesterday I was pleased and proud to have a visit by Liam, the Fayleene Prince from The Fantasy and Forensics Series by Michael Angel. I was surprised and so very pleased when he arrived!

princeLeiah:  Liam! It is so good to meet you! Welcome to Golden. To what do I owe this honour?

Liam: It’s so nice to be here, Leiah. Your grass and leaves are succulent, and my guards find the peace and quiet here quite pleasant, as do I. But to answer your question, I know that you are reading Michael’s The Detective and the Unicorn, and I just wanted to stop by and see how you like it?

Leiah:  I love it! Of course, I love the books featuring you the most, how can I not? But The Detective and the Unicorn is marvelous.

Liam: Michael has a video about the book I wanted to tell you about, as well as copies of his other books. I know you love his work and, well, I really did like your review of The Deer Prince’s Murder, which was about me, of course. Well, I wasn’t murdered, but my father the Fayleene Protector of the Forest, Quinval, was. Of course, with the help of Dayna Chrissie and the rest of our friends, Grimshaw the Griffin, better known as Shaw as you well know, and Galen the Centaur, we tracked down the murderer. Uh, anyway . . . I had meant to talk about Derek Ridder and Tavia the Daughter of the Warder of Cavilad. You see, Derek’s partner at the LAPD was murdered by magical means, and Tavia has come to help track him down. There is mystery, suspense, and of course lots of magic! I know you already wrote your review of the book, but I wanted to stop by and thank you for reading, and tell you how glad I am that you love our stories!IMGP1878

Leiah:  Oh, I do love them, all of Michael’s stories I have read so far. And I am really hoping that Michael is planning to write more Fantasy and Forensics!

Liam:  Well, I can’t let the deer out of the bag on that, but I just know you are going to like  Strangelets With A Side Of Grilled Spam: Episode 1 which I see on your desk here.

Leiah: Yes! And I have Quarantine On The Black Nile set to listen on my audio book reader as well!

Liam: That is wonderful! I am looking forward to hearing what you think, but for now, my guards say it is time to go. Tavia is due to stop by the Forest, and I promised to bring her news on what Derek and his niece are up to. Have a wonderful time reading, and it was so nice to finally meet you!IMGP1880

Leiah: And you as well! I am honoured that you came by, and am looking forward to more stories about you and your friends. And stop by any time – next time I will make you a carrot cake!

About Michael Angel:

Michael Angel’s worlds of fiction range from the unicorn-ruled realm of the Morning Land to the gritty ‘Fringe Space’ of the western Galactic Frontier. He’s the author of the bestselling Centaur of the Crime – where C.S. Lewis meets CSI. His books populate shelves in languages from Russian to Portuguese.

Michael currently resides in Southern California. Alas, despite keeping a keen eye out for griffins, centaurs, or galactic marshals, none have yet put in an appearance on Hollywood Boulevard.

Book Series:
Fantasy & Forensics: Centaur of the Crime, The Deer Prince’s Murder
Strangelets with a Side of Grilled Spam: Strangelets Episodes 1-4, Strangelets Season One
Fringe Space Tales: A Shovelful of Stars, Pay To Pray, Dogfight, A Planet Torn

Standalone Novels:
The Detective & The Unicorn
I Married the Third Horseman
The Wizard, The Warlord, and The Hidden Woman
Treasure of the Silver Star
The Adventures of Amanda Love

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So a Dragon, a Muse, and an Alien Walk Into a Bar…
Gatekeeper and Goddess
Predators and Prey
Deepest Fears
Three Acts of Courage
Strange Powers, Stranger Places
Crisis Points
Love’s Origins
Blood, Sweat, and Fears (an 18-story compendium)
Fringe Space Tales – All of the books in the Amanda Love Universe

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