Since I am really busy today you are only getting reblogs…

But how Lovely is this particular blog post by Sue Vincent!!!!

Soooo cute! And I definitely know how this goes!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

anigarden 020

The fence has blown down with the wind and the rain
And with a small dog that’s disaster,
A cat lives next door
And between them, it’s war,
As we wait to see who can run faster.

The cat likes to sit on the roof of the shed
While the dog views this as an intrusion,
It’s all fur and teeth
As the dog growls beneath
And the birds flutter round in confusion.

Now it’s all very well when there’s distance between
And the pair, by a fence separated,
But take it away
And there’s hell to pay
As the cease-fire zone is negated.

I blocked up the hole in the fence best I could
But the small dog can wriggle right through it;
And chases the cat
At the drop of a hat
And if caught, I’ve a feeling she’d chew it.

So I shored it all up so…

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