See? I told you my friend Meghan is AWESOME!!! Great review, Marigold!

Versus Blurb



Well, thank goodness for that. I’ve had such a bad run of paranormal novels lately I was beginning to lose faith in the genre. But never fear! Cupcakes are here!

Okay, let’s be serious now. Jade is a great main character, I loved her connection to her family and her cooking, and the story! It had everything I wanted! Magic, vampires, werewolves & werecats, murder mysteries with black magic vs good magic and lost inheritances and it was all just so FUN! I had forgotten how much fun this stuff could be 🙂

Maybe I could see the twist a little too early, but its one of those twists that’s okay to see coming – in fact, it makes sense for Jade to be in dark while the reader figures it out, and the reader could also pick up on little behind-the-scenes nods that indicated yes, other characters knew it…

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