23531443Time for another Christmas book review – and this time, it has an Aussie twist!

Holly Scott hasn’t had it all that easy in life. Growing up in foster homes left her lonely, and her simple life in Missouri consists of a trail of part time jobs and a tiny shared apartment. When an older couple from Australia show up in the restaurant where she works, and the wife becomes ill, Holly helps them out, helping them find a hotel room and bringing needed items to make their stay easier.

Now, the couple, the Goldblums, have asked her to house sit for them in their home in Summer Beach, Australia. And what a nice way to spend Christmas, the beginning of the summer in Aussie land, than in a beautiful house on a cliff above the ocean?

On her first full day in Summer Beach Holly is woken by screaming laughter and wanders outside to find a kookaburra laughing in the tree outside the front door. Then, hearing a quieter sound, she finds a box of abandoned puppies at her feet.

What happens next is a lovely little Christmas romance, short and sweet, complete with the power to bring a bright smile to your face. No, this isn’t great literature, it isn’t meant to be. Instead, its power is in its ability to make you smile and uplift the heart. Grab it for a stocking stuffer for your favorite hopeless romantic (even if the hopeless romantic is you!)