Like most readers, I learned about Janet Evanovich through her Stephanie Plum series. I always liked Stephanie Plum, for many different reasons. Still, I like to put away expectations when I am reading a new series by a “known” author. Hence, I tried to ‘forget’ that this was Ms. Evanovich. And mostly, I believe I succeeded in my thought process.

This is the second in the series I read. The first was The Chase and, honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed. It seemed to be more of a derivation of White Collar; a world famous thief and con artist, Neil Caffrey, paired with a solid, principled FBI Agent, Peter Burke. The theme of corruption, greed, and viciousness was well described and sickeningly accurate, which made me like the book possibly more than I would have otherwise. And of course there was “BlackRhino” (yes, read Blackwater).

The thing that rescued it for me was Evanovich’s deft hand with comedy, and she does it again with The Job. Once again Agent Kate and Nicholas Fox are walking on the edge of criminality as they strive to capture the leader of a global drug-smuggling empire. Money flies, the criminal underworld plays their part as both friends and enemies, and I still get to laugh. The thing is, there is still nothing original, nothing that doesn’t come off as cartoonish – caricatures and derivations I would expect from less experienced authors.

Overall, this isn’t in my opinion an impressive series. However, others seem to truly enjoy the series, so if you have a favorite reviewer you follow who truly liked it, then you should start at the first book and enjoy.

I received this book from the publisher in return for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own.